RHHF Top 5 Singles Chart 

The staff and members at RHHF compiled a top singles chart with tracks that were submitted by independent artists, Fans or those that represent them, specifically for this list...We recieved around 20 tracks and then members from all our networks were asked to vote. Here is the list of the "top 5 winners" in order. 

Thank you to all the artists that contributed and to all the people that took the time to vote. This RHHF Top 5 Singles chart will run for about 2 weeks or maybe longer. We will be publishing and promoting it on our website and all networks. We are trying to do this on a bi-weekly basis..its all about promoting underground artists with fair votes by the people and getting members to broaden their horizons, take a chance and listen to different artists that also work very hard~ 

Feel free to start submitting tracks for the next top RHHF Top Singles Chart. 

realhiphopforever@hotmail.com please send MP3 files as email attachments or downloadable files, preferably through soundcloud or bandcamp. filesharing sites are acceptable as well. videos will be accepted and posted, but must be accompanied by MP3 files, your contacts such as facebook, links..track info and a very small bio but not necessary. 

if you are an artist or represent one and you think you have a single that has what it takes to make the list, start your submissions! Let's keep this going! 

Please put (RHHF Top Singles Chart Submission) in the subject, we get a high volume of emails, this way we can find them faster and know what they are for. 

1. Mesidge - Legend (feat. Block McCloud) 

MESIDGE (Santa Ana, California) - also known as Mes 1 or Mes1dge, released his first EP in 2008 entitled "Machete Raps" which included the single "Werk Of Art featuring Planetary from Outerspace/Army Of The Pharaohs. The track was so successful that Planetary included it on the Outerspace mixtape "On The Edge". It was also later remixed by The Hitfarmers, which then lead to Mesidge being featured on several of their projects including "Conquering The Throne", "Joining Forces", and "X-Mas In My Hood". 

Legend featuring Block McCloud is the first single from Mesidge's debut album "The Grim Reefer" which will be released later this year and has features from Planetary, ChinoXl, Randola (Randam Act), and production from Hitfarmers, Snowgoons, JBL The Titan, and more. 

2. Mahtie Bush - Killed (feat. Canibus) 

There is so much talent in the Sacramento Hip-Hop scene that has yet to be discovered and recognized by major record labels or distributors. But out of that scene is an up and coming solo hip-hop artist by the name of MahtieBush who has been making a name for himself throughout Northern California and Nevada.MahtieBush’s sound and delivery is mostly compared to Xzibit, Ludacris, and Erick Sermon of EPMD. He is not only talented in the art of emceeing but is also a well-known and respected B-Boy. MahtieBush has shared the stage with major artists ranging from Nas, Keith Murray, Heltah Skeltah(Boot Camp Click), Chino XL, The Living Legends, Mistah F.A.B., Tash (The Alkaholiks), Dead Prez, Little Brother, Zion-I, Planet Asia, Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), and Black Sheep. Album: Childs Play coming soon 

3. The Agen-C (Agent X & Unite C)- Mastermind 

The Acen-C are Erik Boyd (Emcee) & Colter Cashier (Producer) Members, both from California that want nothing more but to preserve and put hip hop back on the map. They are both long time RHHF artists, members. 

4. Jasiri X Feat Kil Ripkin & staHHr Prod By REL!G!ON -triple-7 

To me a very powerful duo, two of my personal fav artists, Jasiri X and Religion. From Pittsburgh, Jasiri (MC, Activist, Entrepreneur, Husband, Father, Brother) A true voice for our people! He's preparing to release his next full length, The Ascension, with producer Rel!g!on on Wandering Worx Entertainment. Using lyrical skills, controversial subject matter, and phat beats, Jasiri X shows and proves that real Hip-hop is not in the least bit dead. Chuck D of Public Enemy once boldly declared that "Hip-hop was the CNN of the ghetto”, no artist has better embraced and embodied that concept than Jasiri X. 

Rel!g!on: is the current rally cry surrounding the latest hip hop producer, who’s already began dazzling artists and record labels with his skilled creations and innovative beats. Utilizing a fascinating mix of live playing and assorted sampling, the young producer from Vancouver, British Columbia is generating buzz in Canada as well as the U.S. Rel!g!on is already releasing his own material, as well as working with other artists to build his reputation as a bona fide hit machine in hip hop. The first track that made me an instant fan was this video..check it out REL!G!ON - Lucid (Feat. Moka Only and E d g e)

5. Jack Wilson & DJ Spaed - Walk The Walk 

Jack Wilson is a Pittsburgh MC whose new EP "FAME" with DJ SPAED you can download for FREE at: http://jackwilsonmc.bandcamp.com DJ, Spaed accompanies the pounding hip-hop beats with fast but rhythmic cuts and scratches that show off his highly developed skills. 


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