Let Us All Unite-Trigger The Soldier, Vigalantee, Artistic Velocity off "The Oracles of Truth" Mixtape 

The Oracles Of Truth - Real Hip Hop Forever MixTape 2010! THE REVOLUTION BEGINS! ft. K-Rino, Sadat X, Percee P, Large Professor, Lucid Music, (The AIM) Brent Lee Regan, Realest Reeken, Vigalantee, Satchel Page, Beretta 9/Kinetic (wutang killarmy), Trigger the Soldier, NtG Beats, Mnemonic, Artistic Velocity/Brad Mickles, El Matador, Prosthetik Intelligentz, DJ Radio, Pensmoke, Father D, R.A.H, Aruba Bandit, Emseed, Agent X, the wildcore and more

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