Jasiri X & Rel!g!on f. staHHr and Kil Ripkin - "Triple 7" 

Pittsburgh emcee Jasiri X - who made news last year with his "What If The Tea Party Were Black?" video - and producer REL!G!ON have joined forces on a new album called Ascension. The album will be released through indie label Wandering Worx Music (www.wanderingworx.com). Jasiri X and REL!G!ON collaborated on two singles - "Pyramids" featuring Planet Asia, and "Silent Night" - before deciding to work on Ascension. Jasiri X was also featured on REL!G!ON’s debut album Revelationz 1. "Triple 7” is the first leak from the album, and features Kil Ripkin as well as Atlanta femcee staHHr of MF DOOM's Metal Face Crew. In the video clip Jasiri X explains the genesis of "Triple 7”.

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