Ugly Duckling "Turn it Up (Live)" Official Video 

"Turn it Up (Live)" is a brand new video from Underground, Hip-Hop troubadours Ugly Duckling. The action was shot and directed by Tom Gammage during the group's 2011 european tour and edited together by Justin Ridge who also edited and animated U.D.'s clip for "Elevation" earlier this year. The band would also like to thank desmond keville for contributing some additional shots and all of the people who enthusiastically participated in the shows which were filmed in London, Bristol, Liverpool, Southampton, Exeter, Plymouth, Swindon, Brighton, Bath and Oxford; your check (or cheque) is in the mail.

Ugly Duckling will be back on the road in November and December of 2012 so come out to a show and yell along; LOUDER! LOUDER!

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