UNLIKE U is not a normal graffiti video, the action in action and train to train shows a sympathetic portrait of a scene that could not be seen. This film written and includes the fascinating story of a Culture, which otherwise remains hidden and yet all the features and art direction has with its own spatial, temporal and thematic link.

The intensity of these artist's lives with their passion is fascinating, and the film also shows the radicalism that one must possess in order to live such a life. 

UNLIKE U immerses in a scene that is not for outsiders to simply understand. It is the world of Train Writers, those graffiti artists then, to the painting of suburban and underground trains. Extremely obscured. Extremely criminal. Extremely prohibited.

UNLIKE U lit four generations of writers in Berlin, of which the elders of the hardcore artists are now already 40 years old and the youngest of the seventeen. But all the protagonists have in common. Each of them has his life countless trains painted in. intensive interviews with the 1000th try even the motives of the sprayer on the track to get the filmmakers and to work out what exactly the kick in one thing, the public can not get the recognition in. After all, it is after the official version, to be particularly serious damage to property and trains will be sprayed as soon as possible drawn from the traffic. So the probability that a plant sprayer to perfection, as talk gets to see his mobile screen is very small. So what is the value of these actions? What is the self-affirmation? What drives these people?

The filmmakers Henrik Bjorn Birg rule and plunged deep into the cosmos of Train Writer. Besides first-class interviews, they were also leaked material that was still seen to never does. The film shows the reasons behind the actions and history material from the corner at the legendary Friedrichstraße, the meeting place of the Berlin sprayer in the 90s. So the place where the myth of the Berlin writers took their beginning of the culture. Film Coming Soon!

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