Vigalantee THE HIP-HOPOLOGIST: An Interview with Big Daddy Kane 

The legendary rapper Big Daddy Kane gave Kansas City one of the most memorable live performances I’ve personally ever seen outside of New Edition. This brother hasn’t lost a step; in fact to me he’s gained three or four more steps. His flow and delivery was grade A+, his stage performance was A+, and his swag and charisma was off the charts. This Brooklyn born emcee definitely got the job done, no pun intended, ripping off some of his classic hits like Raw, Smooth Operator, and a medley of his hits over the past twenty years. Not only taking us back down memory lane, but also making the Kansas City crowd especially the ladies feel special. He didn’t slack one bit and neither did his dancers Scoop and Scrap Lover, his backup dancers from day one. I had a chance to catch up with Big Daddy Kane back stage and chop it up with him about the current state of Hip Hop and his legacy. I have audio, but I had to take notes because like any iTouch would do, the battery went bad on me, so I had to get back to the old style of reporting with pen and pad.

Vigalantee: What do you think about the quality of music that is coming out right now?

BDK: Quantity came in and quality came out. There is a lot of money in the game right now, but I don’t think that a lot of artists are putting out quality music, there is quality music out there but it is not getting the proper exposure.

Vigalantee: What do you think about live performances now? because your show was awesome. How do you feel about the live performers of today? 

BDK: There are some that you know don’t understand the art of performing; they probably didn’t grow up on singing live performances. I think there are some that have their own unique technique. It just depends on the artist.

Vigalantee: As you look over your career, did you think Hip Hop would get this far?

BDK: Yes, I always thought Hip Hop would last forever. To me it was the new form of rock and roll, rebellious music that the older generation didn’t like, but it was so powerful that i knew it would take off.

This is when the iTouch went dead! So pen and pad time!

Vigalantee: With all the success that you have had over the years along with being critically acclaimed as one of the top emcees of all time do you think that you get the props you deserve?

BDK: I feel satisfied with my career because I am still touring and getting love all over the world by doing something I love to do.

A sidebar question that I asked Big Daddy Kane, me being the Hip Hopologist, I went straight to the Rakim question; who would win in a battle between you and him, and I had to ask that for my friend Mario Gaitan, and just like all politically correct people do, he simply smiled at me like "there you go”. Personally I think that he would give Rakim the business because he has way more swag and personality along with multiple styles of rapping to match up with Rakim’s lyrical ability. In a smack format I give Big Daddy Kane a 2 to 1 edge in a battle.

There you have it, if Big Daddy Kane is in your town, your best bet is to go check this brotha out.

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