Verbal Contact - Set The Mood (Video) 

Dope music from the UK

"‘Set The Mood’ is the third single to be released from Verbal Contact’s upcoming album Blue In The Face, set to drop on Don’t Talk To Strangers next month.

Following on from the grimy ‘Deteste,’ transatlantic stoner anthem ‘Get Stoned’ with Left Leberra and Lunar C featured 808 banger ‘Get Got,’ the West Yorkshire trio offer a completely different angle with the down tempo sleazy Jazz vibe of ‘Set The Mood’ demonstrating the diversity that will be on display across Blue In The Face as Matter and Prys trade bars over another boundary pushing Sonar Cousin production.

The black and white visuals shot and edited by Paul Cockcroft, perfectly fits the mood of the track, set in a Jazz club with VC suited up ready for a night of liquor, women, drugs and card games on the menu."

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