Video: Kyle Rapps - "Universe Traveler" Ft. Talib Kweli 

Who would have believed that a brief encounter between two jet-setting MCs, one to Brazil and the other to the UK, would produce such a Parisian sounding collaboration? But that's exactly how "Universe Traveler," the recently released Talib Kweli-featuring single from Kyle Rapps' On Air mixtape, came to be. Whatever the circumstances, what's most important is that the two East Coast rappers, along with producer Nate G, have found a niche combining sounds of legendary French-electro duo Air with East Coast-driven boom bap to create something new and original.

Now, the video for "Universe Traveler" brings the French theme to the forefront with the help of veteran director Lenny Bass. "We shot the audition footage in a NYC park underneath the Westside highway, so it has this gritty French cinema feel," explains Kyle Rapps. "It made for a crazy diverse collective and a visual experience that transcends genre." Though the video may focus on the more European aspects of the track, the meaning is actually much broader than that, says Kyle: "True artists can rock anywhere, in any circumstance, with any other type of artist. True artists will always complement each other."

Kyle's NYC fans can catch him performing with Blu at Public Assembly in Brooklyn on September 23rd. For more details about the show, visit here

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