Vital Nonsense- Gabe Rosales (The Aim/Guerrilla Republik/Calafia Zulu) 

Few hip hop albums that have been released since the genre's inception have expressed the same amount of versatility, musicianship, and lyrical capability (all from a single artist) that "Vital Nonsense" by Gabe Rosales has. Astoundingly, Rosales easily makes the transition from Fusion to Rap, Cuban Cha Cha to Death Metal, and Classical guitar pieces to Acoustic Rock, all of which are influenced by Rosales's unique brand of Funk, Jazz, Latin music, political ideology, and fascination with Quantum Physics. Some of the album's strongest tracks include: - "The Ministry" - "Dry" - "Star" - "Angel Fat", and - "Ashes to Clay" Featuring such musical heavyweights as Dave Weckl (drummer for Chick Corea), Divine Styler (from House of Pain and Styles of Beyond fame)
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