Voices of Today's Society by Visions Of The Sun 

During a time where Hip Hop has been filtered, masked and placed back on the shelf, it's true essence appears to have been lost. Voices of Today's Society proves that the essence still lives and thrives in the veins of each Visions of the Sun member. Adriatic (Musician/Producer),David Casto (Emcee/Producer),Fred Free (Emcee),Hexsagon (Emcee/Producer), Marvel76 (Producer/DJ) and Mr. Mo (Producer/DJ) After the trials and tribulations they have faced both as a group and in their individual lives,Visions of the Sun manages to release their debut album. Emotions, life experiences, inner thoughts and views captured have been expressed in musical form, taking the listener through the souls of each member. The incorporation of their different genres influence the unique VOTS sound that one will appreciate.

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