WIDEawake to Release 2pac and Sam Sneed Unreleased Death Row Albums 

WIDEawake/Death Row president talks in a video interview with datzhot.com about the early life on Death Row records and also about the old 2pac and Sam Sneed material they will be releasing. Staying true to the artists, WIDEawake/Death Row will be releasing the albums from the artists as they were intended to be released by the artists without editing them.

Half of Sam Sneeds album will be from his unreleased Death Row album and half of the album will be new material

If you don't remember Sam Sneed, Sam was Dr. Dre's right hand producer from 1994 - 1996 co-producing Dre's songs "Natural Born Killaz", Keep Their Heads Ringin" as well as working on Dr. Dre's second Death Row album which is also unreleased.

Sam Sneed had an album with his group Street Scholars on Death Row which was supposed to be the first album from Death Row East but unfortunatley was never released. According to John Payne the album is anticipated to be out either September or October. Judging from the material released from the album so far it would have been a Death Row classic up there with The Chronic & Doggystyle so i'm defintely looking forward to this release.

Snippets as well as full tracks were leaked from Sam Sneeds album last year if you want to hear some of Sam Sneeds unreleased Death Row material check out this thread in our forum here: http://realhiphop4ever.ucoz.com/forum/32-2846-1

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