Words "Come on Baby" Promo Video Mixed And Masterd By NF 

Words, the name says it all. Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico he has been involved in music since the age of thirteen. Started as a punch line driven emcee, he learned and sharpened his blade by battle rapping on a regular basis. As he got older his relationship with music deepened and he slowly evolved in to and all around, solid artist. Raised in Chicago his entire life, he grew up idolizing Common, Juice, and even the hip-hop group Brand Nubian. Now, after several years of collaborating with many artists such as Lab Rats and Peligro Empire, he now has joined the exclusive company known as Never-Fail. Words brings a new refreshing yet edgier style and delivery to the Never-Fail movement. His album will show and highlight the extreme versatility he has for hip-hop music. From his complex delivery to his storytelling abilities, Words is on the path for a bright future in hip-hop.

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