Y-Love & AWKWORD - Mr. President (The Wisconsin Song) - prod. The White Shadow 

With more than 1,000 plays off the AWKWORD soundcloud page alone, "Mr. President (The Wisconsin Song)", featured first on RockTheDub.com's five-year anniversary compilation Fif, led activists and video editors alike to reach out to the team -- American emcees Y-Love & AWKWORD and legendary Norwegian producer The White Shadow -- behind the popular protest song with ideas for creating an official video.

Due to conflicting schedules, Yitz and AWK were unable to link in Wisconsin, but they received hours of exclusive live video footage of the Wisconsin protests (from the streets to the Capital building), as well as an offer from Michael Dobsevage to create that video, splicing in footage of AWKWORD and Y-Love performing live. The 3+ minute video is an inspiring look at how Hip Hop music can create the ideal backdrop for revolution.

Since its official release, "Mr. President (The Wisconsin Song)" has been featured on a range of Hip Hop blogs, as well as major political sites The Nation and Daily Kos. Most recently, the song appeared on DJBooth.Net & RevoltRadio.com's Revolutionary Riot Report Vol. 15 and The GYMR Top 25 Songs of 2011 (Half-Year Review).

As Dobsevage writes on his youtube page, "This is a war on workers being waged by right-wing politicians and their corporate and wealthy backers. We need to fight back against this assault!" And we need your help to do this. So, please, watch, comment, like, favorite and share this unexpected, well-crafted video.


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