Yung Monk: The Mixtape by Grand Master Chu of Model Minority 

A well-thumbed holy text in one hand and fresh Jordans tucked underneath worn selvage denim, the brim of his cap shoved roughly to the side... he wanders the world, muttering meditations into the microphone.

Refining his craft since 2001, through high school, four years at Yale University, and since, GMC's music reflects his love of raw lyricism and years of personal contemplation. He walks the tightrope between freshness and materialism, between joy and greed. His is the voice of a 22nd-century global nomad: finding the space between being firmly grounded and the soaring takeoff into the night sky.

Featuring tracks recorded recently in Beijing, China, and over a four-year period from 2006-2010 at Yale (New Haven, Connecticut) and Newark, Delaware

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