Zulu Kingz Awards Universal - 38th Universal Zulu Nation Anniversary 

New generation Mighty Zulu Kingz honored Original Zulu Kingz 1st and 2nd generations.

The Zulu Kings were created on the same day Zulu Nation was, November 12 1973, and were to be the official B-boy crew for the Zulu nation. This concept came about since the five brothers who helped Afrika Bambaataa organize the Zulu Nation, were all Bboys! The original members of the Zulu Kings are as followed: Ahmed Henderson, Aziz Jackson, Shaka Reed, Kusa Stokes and Zambu Laner.

As time went on Zulu Kings became bigger. One of the first 3 Bboys to get ghetto celebrity status was Robbie Rob, and most notably Beaver from the Zulu Kings, who set off the Bboy boom in the Bronx. Other early members include: Afrika Islam, Jazzy Jay, Pow Wow, Red Alert, D.ST, Trouble and Sundance.

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