Zion I & The Grouch - Healing Of The Nation (Official Music Video) 

As Zion I & The Grouch wrap up the last few dates of their nationwide Healing Of The Nation Tour – a tour that kicked off March 19th with a sold out show in the Bay and will wrap up this Sunday in Santa Barbara, CA before the trio heads to Hawaii for a handful of dates – the Bay Area trio is releasing the latest video from Heroes In The Healing Of The Nation, a fun one, with kids running around the city covered in reel-to-reel tape, throwing bricks and causing havoc, alongside choppy footage of Zumbi and The Grouch as they rap atop Amp Live's raucous, synth- and rock-influenced beat. Full of twists and turns, the video comes back to the memorable hook, as Zumbi spits, "Check me out, I'm on your station/ Coming live with a new vibration. Feel it in your middle, it's the healing of the nation."

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