Common Provides Youth With Online Book Club 

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The Common Ground Foundation is dedicated to the empowerment and development of urban youth in the United States.

The Common Ground Foundation was created by Hip Hop artist, actor and children’s author Lonnie Rashid Lynn, known as “Common”. Common’s social-conscience message serves as inspiration for equality, opportunity and hope among youth in undeserved communities. The Foundation is committed to empowering youth in urban neighborhoods and providing life skills needed to achieve their dreams.

Common time and time again done his part to help the youth through writing and community service. In 2005 for instance, he wrote and released three books for elementary age children that received warm praise from parents and teachers alike. Now, with a new online venture, Common is hoping to inspire teens through the art of storytelling with The Corner book club.

Launching yesterday on
commongroundfoundation.comThe Corner book club is described as an interactive medium to engage high school kids in reading, specifically with their book-of-the-month selections.

With education being a foundation in his own household, Common explained the decision behind starting The Corner book club. “My mom was a teacher, and growing up she always stressed the importance of education. So when I look back it's not a surprise for me to use words as a tool to make change, and to inspire children for the future,” he said in a press statement.

Along with material to enlighten the minds of teenagers, The Corner will also provide interviews of book authors, including March’s book-of-the-month author Emmanuel Jal, who wrote War Child.

A noted reader himself, Common is adamant about the fact that reading and education go hand in hand. “You’ll never stop growing; you shouldn’t. And it’s alright to be a teen growing, but not in height. I’m talking about wisdom, experiences, and self-knowledge.”

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“Word Wars” hip-hop in Gaza, West Bank and Jerusalem 

This is a video called Word Wars, part of a news report about hip-hop in Gaza, West Bank and Jerusalem put together by John Pendygraft of the St. Petersburg Times.

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N.W.A Movie! (to be produced by Dr. Dre & Ice Cube) 

New Line Cinema is developing a film called "Straight Outta Compton" that will chronicle the rise and fall of N.W.A. Ice Cube and Dr. Dre will be helping with the production of the film along with Tomica Wright (Eazy-E's widow) and Circle Of Confusion Entertainment. They are currently searching for a director.

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BDK Documentary Coming Soon!!! 

When it comes to hip hop, there are only a handful of people that truly deserve to be called legends. In BDK, we learn the story of one of hip hop's most notable legends, Big Daddy Kane. From music to fashion, Kane has always been a quintessential figure of the Golden Era of hip hop. In this documentary, directed by Anthony Marshall (co-founder of Lyricist Lounge), Kane talks about his humble beginnings growing up in Brooklyn, his life in the rap game, his influence on fashion, his lyrical superiority and his first exposure to the culture that would define him. Comeing soon.

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RADix - DJ Emcee (Ft. DJ JS1) 

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