Royce Da 5'9" - Plans the "Revival EP" July 7th 

Royce Da 5'9" has once again pushed his "Street Hop" album back, this time for the releases of the super group "Slaughterhouse" album (also due July 7th) and now "The Revial EP". The Revival EP will have four tracks one of the four tracks will be a new track off the Street Hop album.

Royce has said Street Hop will be his most lyrical work to date:

"Bar Exam 2 is probably my most lyrical project to date. And my new album, Street Hop, is going to top that,".

Tracklisting for The Revival EP

1. Gun Harmonizing
2. Count for Nothing
3. Warriors
4. Street Hop 2010

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MC Lyte - Brooklyn (New Official Music Video) 

Legendary female emcee, MC Lyte, gets it in with a brand new music video, directed by Hostage Musick, for a new song called "Brooklyn", a city she says raised her.

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The Good People - Gotta thing for you (2009) "Home Coming" 

In 2005 Super Producer/Emcee Saint and highly respected world renown Emcee/DJ Emskee joined forces to make The Good People. Both New York Natives, Saint from Long Island and Emskee from L.E.S. came together with one goal in mind.. Make quality Hip Hop with meaning and intelligence. "Gotta Thing For You" from from their new release "Home Coming" available now!

Support Underground Hip Hop!
Some Say ft Oktober - MOONSHINE REMIX

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Poetic Republic - Third Off The Natural Progression Of Things Album 

Poetic Republic attack real world issues with an approach that has left an imprint in the minds of eager listeners, PR pushes the bounds of true school hip-hop through a quality of sound that pulls at the core of all audiences. Their sound allows you to freely question and ponder what generates outside the sphere of mainstream redundancy. The Natural Progression Of Things, album released 2008 has sold exceptionally well and garnered PR an Ohio Hip-Hop Award nomination for “best group”. It has been hailed by the media and fans alike as an “instant classic”.
Support Real Hip Hop!!!

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