Video: Reflection Eternal (Talib Kweli + Hi Tek) ATL Footage 

Reflection Eternal last night at the Loft in ATL.

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Immortal Technique: Destination Haiti 

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I made a promise that I would go to Haiti to deliver the supplies and Money we raised at the show. I am leaving now for Port Au Prince. Thank you to everyone that supported the Hip Hop for Haiti Movement. The Revolutionary path is not an easy one to walk, its a battleground. There are always comrades. Yet still sometimes ...its lonely when your only company is that of cynical bystanders.
But the doubt of introverted philosophers and apathetic pseudo intellectuals is not a barrier, it is fuel for the fire. The system in place is the real challenge. Thank you to all of you that have been supportive over the years, and even those of you who have not been but wish you could be. One day you'll wake up and breathe Revolucion.

When I return I will make sure to post a few pictures.

Viva La Revolucion,



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Beat Physics Presents - Early Unboxing Released And Available Now!! 

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Beat Physics new EP Early Unboxing was released and can be found on iTunes. 

Check out and download Fun - K​-​OS (Beat Physics Remix)

<a href="">Fun - K-OS (Beat Physics Remix) by Beat Physics</a>

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New Video "Vinnie Paz" - Keep Movin' On Feat. Shara Worden 

Vinnie Paz "Keep Movin' On" Feat. Shara Worden (produced by MoSS) from Vinnie's debut solo album, "Season of the Assassin" in stores June 22, 2010.

"Keep Movin' On" features a unique cast of stars, including Philadelphia icon TONY LUKE JR (producer, star of "The Nail," "Invincible," etc.) playing the part of a down-and-out factory worker. Portraying a U.S. Marine and Iraq veteran is SCOTT VOGEL (lead singer of the hardcore band Terror), and in the part of his hometown girlfriend is the stunning GINA LYNN (the "Julia Roberts" of the adult film world).

"Keep Movin' On" is directed by JOE FRANTZ (producer and cinematographer known for his on-screen cameos on JACKASS, MTV's VIVA LA BAM, BAM'S UNHOLY UNION, the CKY VIDEO SERIES, etc). Frantz has also served as both producer and cinematographer all of the classic BAM MARGERA music videos and reality/making-of features which have sculpted the face of the alternative European music scene for the past decade (HIM, CKY, The 69 Eyes, Viking Skull, etc.).

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