SHAHMEN: ENTER THE CIRCLE 2010 (Dirt) (download ep) 

The SHAHMEN sound is a dance between moments of pure tonal bliss and dark, hard, banging beats . Hip hop group from Project MoonCircle label.
Members: B L S, MC, Los Angeles. SENSE, Producer, Amsterdam. Unorthadox, MC, Rotterdam.

Imagine, SENSE as the mystical, more musically composed student of Muggs and RZA, who learned a secret his teachers did not. Building from their foundation, he reaches new plateaus in the dimensionality of sample composition. Finding his own, unique formula for interweaving haunting melodies between head banging drums, the music pulls you into a trance like state where the rock solid voice of B L S finds the perfect soundscape to sink in.

Straight up, B L S has the realest voice in rap in a very long time; ranging from a thundering bass which most rappers can only mimic with a pitch-shift, to a hazy drawl reminiscent of a cowboy in an old western. The unique vocal tone is matched in the lyrics, and B L S stands apart in the original narratives he weaves, leaving far behind the overused and tired archetypes of street stories, and pop-culture punch lines. 

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Eastborn & The 13th Tribe - THE IRONY (13t​-​Al​-​Jabr Mix) album by Drop Zone Records 


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We Are All Neda By Santa Maria (The Aim) 

Dearest Neda, 

It has been a year since you were cruelly taken from your friends, from your family and from those you loved, and much has happened in that time. I cannot begin to tell it all but there are some things that we around the world who know of you wish to be able to share with you.

If I were to be speaking to you now I would have many things to say to you.

I would say sorry. Not because I caused it, but because I feel it. Sorry for the life you were forced to live, that it was one of oppression, inequality and fear. Sorry for your death, for the pain and fear that it caused you and that it left behind for your family. Sorry that your family were afterwards forced from their home and your fiance forced into hiding out of fear. Sorry that your grave was desecrated, your headstone removed, bullets fired into your portrait to destroy it.
Most of all, sorry for the many others who shared your fate in having such a life and such a death, and who continue to share that fate.

I would also say you did not die in vain. Your struggle is no longer hidden, no longer only for the people of Iran, no longer unknown to the rest of us in this world. For this I would say thank you. You certainly did not plan to, but you brought Iran into the world's consciousness. You have galvanised your people into revolution. You have inspired us all to stand, to march, to rally, to shout, to protest, to demand.

Your death has been seen by many, and you are in the hearts of revolutionaries and supporters of equality and freedom all over the world. Though of little comfort, you have given the Iranian people such spirit and determination that the only possible outcome is their success in your quest. Your death has ensured that the people of not just Iran, but of the world, are united in this battle. Men and women of all ages, all races, all religions and all nationalities stand together in solidarity and raise their collective voice to demand freedom for your people in Iran. We stand together today to demand this in your name, and in the name of all those many others who have given their time, their efforts, their freedom, and like you, their lives.

I did not know you, and I will not pretend otherwise. But I feel that I do. I never used to be especially political, as you never used to be, but I saw an injustice as you did, and I feel compelled to stand against it as you did. But I have what you wanted. I have freedom, I have equality, I have peace, I have security. And I shall not take it for granted. You saw a revolution of your people in your country, and now today, we see a revolution of many people in many countries. You demanded that the people's vote be counted, and now we all demand that the people's vote be counted. And we shall not be stopped., not until what I have has been given to your people in Iran, as you wanted for them.

I would speak these words to you on my behalf, but also on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of people across the globe who remember you today, who never knew you but will never forget you. Until everyone has those basic things that you stood up and asked for on this day one year ago...until then, we are all Neda.


Posted by Santa Maria (The Aim)

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The Goats - ¿Do The Digs Dug? 

The Goats were an alternative hip-hop quartet from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Their members included rappers Oatie Kato (the frontman), Madd (a.k.a. "the M-A-the-double-D", a.k.a. Maxx), and Swayzack. Madd and Swayzack are Aboriginal Americans, and their concern with Aboriginal causes is reflected in their lyrics. The Goats held that Christopher Columbus was responsible for genocidal crimes against the Aboriginal inhabitants of pre-colonial America, including the rape of innocent women by his crew. Their fury was expressed in the signature song, "Tricks of the Shade", which contains the lyrics, "Columbus killed more Indians than Hitler killed Jews; but on his birthday you get sales on shoes."

The Goats were artists on Columbia Records / Ruffhouse Records.
They developed a large cult following after the release of two well-respected albums, Tricks Of The Shade (1992) (produced by producer Joe "the Butcher" Nicolo) and No Goats No Glory (1994), on Ruffhouse Records and Columbia Records respectively; both are presently out of print, used copies circulate online and second-hand record shops.

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Tunji ft. Deacon the Villain -- Towards The Future (download) 

"Towards The Future” is a celebratory song, about appreciating new beginnings without forgetting the lessons of the past. QN5’s Deacon The Villain provides the track with his patented drawl-tinged crooning, while the always impressive Cook Classics conjures up a misty gust of that cool Cali breeze on the boards. We love it and we know you will too. Yesterday was his birthday, so download the track, bump the track and give this man some belated b-day love. 

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El Da Sensei & The Returners "Pain" 

I can't remember if i already posted this, ah well, if so i will delete :) Pain, Single off the "GT2: Nu World" album which was released on June 18th,

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