LMNO & Mr. Brady - Banger Management 

Promo commercial for LMNO & Mr. Brady's full-length LP "Banger Management" available July 6th, 2010.

FREE Download "Both Sides Spin": http://bit.ly/b04z2k
 For album info and snippets: http://bit.ly/98k1Gb

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4Th Of July Message From A No-Body 2010 - Trigger The Soldier RHHF 


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Rhymefest - "City Is Falling" - Directed by Konee Rok off "El Che" 

"El Che" is now available at Best Buy & Target or on Itunes & Amazon.com. Album also available at http://music.elchethemovement.com

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Abstract Artform - Summer in the City ft. Doodlebug (of Digable Planets) 

Perfect video to start off our summer.have fun, enjoy the fun in the sun.. .Abstract Artform and doodlebug.

Will be posting another track by abstract artform in another post. 

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Onyxx Sphinxx & Eternal Struggle by Labtekwon off the album next, droppin 8/3 


                       2010 Onyxx Sphinxx by Labtekwon

Eternal Struggle: Chapter 3 of the new short film: NEXT
Labtekwon, baltimore emcee and very underrated, around since the 80's. A cultural enigma and a creative phenomena in the universe of Hip Hop, performing at the Lyricist Lounge in New York and Project Blowed in Los Angeles; both recognized as the ground zero of true schooll Hip Hop artists on both coasts. Labtekwon has been the champion of Zulu Nation Freestyle Competitions and Poetry Slams in Atlanta, Georgia. Labtekwon has shared the stage with Afrika Bambaata, Rakim, MF DOOM, Psycho Les, A Tribe Called Quest, Brand Nubian, KRS-One, Black Thought, Aceyalone, Digital Underground and countless other Hip Hop artists that represent the pinnacle of lyricism and excellence. He has left his mark on 28 releases including 15 full lengths on his own Ankh Ba Records. Noting Labtekwon's varied discography Urb Magazine called him 'the most eclectic MF to ever emerge from Baltimore. From his 12' 'I Am Here' to his pioneering efforts with the 410 Pharaohs on the first Baltimore Club Music/ Hip Hop hybrid album: 410 Funk, Labtekwon has put a brand on the underground scene for posterity and die hard collectors alike. His 1998 full length 'Nile Child' is widely held as an underground classic and has landed him a seed in the 1999 Urb Next 100 and he has been consistent ever since. Labtekwon is an enigma of galactic proportion. Considered the "Thelonius Monk of Hip Hop"


by Chuck D of Public Enemy.

Check out another new video, The Tao of Slick ft. Labtekwon & Hazel Black

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MP3: Frank Nitt - "L.O.V.E." (Featuring DJ Quik & J. Black) 

"In a climate where many hip-hop songs take their listeners on dark journeys through street life, or playful romps through many of life's vices it's refreshing to hear an emcee brush his bravado to the side. Frank Nitt half of the celebrated duo Frank 'n Dank does just that with "L.O.V.E.". Frank tackles the subject matter with an honesty and directness that nearly betrays the feel-good subject matter the Detroit emcee typically brings to his listeners.

Nitt assembled an incredible cast to help bring his amorous creation to life. The track was produced by Terrace Martin and features both legendary West Coast rapper and producer DJ Quik and crooner J. Black. "He didn't write anything down. He just went in and killed it, " Frank said of his experience with DJ Quik in the studio. The chemistry is apparent, and Nitt knocks another one out the park for the storied Delicious Vinyl label. In fact, the combination of talent proved so potent, the track found its way to a spot on The L.A. Times coveted Pop And Hiss blog."


(right click and save as to download)

Frank Nitt on LA Times Pop and a Hiss

Purchase EP

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