P.J. Pacifico performs -"Something" by The Beatles 

Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter P.J. Pacifico has released his new, eagerly awaited sophomore effort, “Always & Everywhere”, now available in stores and online. Filled with P.J.’s trademark brand of warm, inviting, hook-filled songs, the themes of “Always & Everywhere” take in everything from love and survival to redemption and recovery.

P.J. Pacifico performs -"Something" by The Beatles

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Adil Omar - "Incredible" - Official Music Video 

This got me hyped..Adil Omar, Incredible..Produced by DJ Solo of Soul Assassins, Directed by Shehrezade Mian, Director of Photography: Junaid Malik, Edited by Usman Mukhtar, Production Manager: Eyad Ibrahim

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Co.Exist (Destruct and i$aid) - "Runnin" Official Music Video 

With The Release of Their Debut Album The Hip-Hop Duo "Co.Exist" Are Here To Leave a Mark In The Underground Scene. Consisting of Two MCs (Destruct and i$aid) and With The Support of The LA Underground Scene It Appears "Co.Exist" Will Be Here For Awhile. 

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Forever Famicom The Movie - Chapter 1 - Episode III 

In June K-Murdock and Random released album Forever Famicom, a nerdcore type hip hop album based on video games and Random's alter ego Mega Ran.

Random and K-Murdock are now putting out an animated movie for the album directed by Griff Morivan, episodes from the movie will all be on his YouTube Page.

"Forever Famicom The Movie - Chapter 1 - Episode III

MegaRan has defeated Dr. Wily once more, destroying his fortress and with it, his dreams of global domination. But this time, it is soured by a feeling of dread. Even after his long rest, he feels worn and tired. To make matters worse, Protoman approaches him and tells him the truth : Doctor Light is merely testing him. With all his intelligences as a high powered Robot Master, is MegaRan as blindly loyal as any other robot?

This revelation spurs MegaRan from the Doctor, and he leaves Robot City and his armor behind him, and tries to slip into the rest of human society. But questions plague him, and he eventually finds himself lost in the woods. It is there that he meets a wandering Ronin warrior, who refers to himself as K-Murdock. The two talk about their music, their adventures, and a common enemy.

Inspired by the brave tales of K-Murdock, Random dons the Blue Helmet once again. The Blue Bomber, MegaRan and The Wandering Ronin, K-Murdock, team up and decide to fight the oppressive forces that are crushing man. Can they succeed? Can they overcome the obstacles that daunt humanity into submission? Only time will tell. Stay tuned, Mega Fans, for the next exciting episode of... Forever Famicom!"

Purchase/Listen to Forever Famicom here


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Jae-Wan - Domestic Disturbance droppin Oct. 17th 

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all. (Domestic Disturbance Coming Oct 17th 2010)


Check out Jae-Wan "Who Stole the Soul" (Unreleased)

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Capital-X - Brent Lee Regan - I Want Justice Tour Hits Glasgow, Scotland UK 

If you know anyone who appreciates high quality lyricism, exceptional music, is committed to justice and lives in Scotland please don't let them miss this event. This will be something on a whole other level featuring The Aim, Capital X and Brent Lee Regan among others.


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Invincible at it again, nothing stops her as she keeps coming with that real.... After several months of anticipation, two of Detroit's most visionary hip-hop figures, Invincible and Waajeed, are finally releasing their single, "Detroit Summer" b/w "Emergence". The passionate two-song project is not only being put out digitally and in limited edition 7” vinyl format but it's also being launched with a powerful double music video as well.

Invincible + Waajeed - "Detroit Summer"/"Emergence" from EMERGENCE Media on Vimeo.

For anyone that missed this one, Invincible feat. Abeer & Suhell Nafar (DAM) - People Not Places

Invincible feat. Abeer & Suhell Nafar (DAM) - People Not Places from EMERGENCE Media on Vimeo.

Follow her on twitter for updates http://twitter.com/invincibleDET

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