Mentors show teens joy of expressive art (Graffiti For A Great Cause) NZ 

An arts trust put spray cans in the hands of at-risk teenagers for a week - and the result has been some astounding artworks.

The Still Water Rising Trust, founded by New Zealand's Next Top Model director Jeff Szusterman and other broadcasters and actors, brought 16 students from South Auckland alternative education centres together with some leading artists.

Each artist worked with a teenager to help the youngster create art works ranging from a small airbrushed painting to a giant mural.

Aerosol artist Dan Tippett, 37, who worked with 15-year-old Te Mai Koha Hakopa to spray-paint a covered trailer for Otara's Crosspower Ministries, said it was all about "upskilling from tagging to using the spray can creatively - trying to beautify things rather than destroy them. The idea is to show them how to start and finish a project," he said.

"It's tricky because they are used to instant gratification, the 'now' culture.

"The trick is trying to hold their concentration and teach them that to get good at anything, it takes time and discipline."

Jedrek Andrews, also 15, worked with airbrush artist Tamihana Robin, 24, to produce a painting of hip-hop artists Biggie Smalls and Ice Cube.

Bobby Ioramo, 15, was inspired by aerosol artist Otis Frizzell to produce a huge mural featuring himself, his parents, his tutors and a Biblical passage: "I can do all things through Christ whose strength is me."

"It's about how I changed from doing the young gang-affiliate stuff," Jedrek said. "Art made me change. It allowed me to explore who I was."

Tylah Togiakona, 16, worked with traditional Samoan artist Nathan Suniula to make a ceremonial mat with a design cut into it to reveal a painting underneath. "I've never done anything like this," he said.

Alternative education teacher Sarah Longbottom, who organised the week, said Szusterman was originally inspired by a one-to-one playwriting project with young people in New York's 52nd Street (, and ran several drama-based projects after he returned to Auckland in 2004.

Last week's project was the first time the idea was extended to the visual arts and involved alternative education students.

The works will be shown at the new Mangere arts centre for a month from November 26.

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Cymarshall Law & The Beatnikz - Almost Home (Download) premiered the video for the 3rd Single for Cymarshall Law' and The Beatniks "Almost Home" shot in Paris last week , this week presents the free download mp3 of the track!!

Download The 3rd Single from Cymarshall Law and The Beatniks album Freedom Express Line here

Cymarshall Law & The Beatnikz - Almost Home Official Video

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DJ Premier Presents- "Year Round Records: Get Used To Us" Official Track Listing 


DJ Premier Presents
- “Year Round Records: Get Used To Us

Compilation To Be Released On 12-7-2010 And Features Appearances From Premier’s New Artists: Nick Javas, Khaleel, and NYG’z. Featuring Guest Appearances by Styles P, Royce da 5’9”, Joell Ortiz, Saigon, Freddie Foxxx, KRS-One, Grand Puba, Blaq Poet, MC Eiht, Lady of Rage, Papoose, Tef, Dynasty, Young Maylay

There are only a handful of producers who could arguably lay claim to being Hip-Hop’s top producer (which Rolling Stone magazine bestowed upon him), or for defining the blueprint which came to be recognized as the “East Coast Sound,” or have influenced and flourished for over 20+ years in an always evolving music industry—but DJ Premier is certainly one of those producers.

In 1989, Guru and DJ Premier formed Gang Starr and the duo would go on to become one of Hip-Hop’s most cherished and influential groups, as their nearly unparalleled history spawned seven LP’s, millions of records sold and a catalog of seminal recordings (“Words I Manifest,” “Just To Get A Rep,” “Who’s Gonna Take The Weight,” “Lovesick,” “Take It Personal,” “Check The Technique,” “Step In The Arena,” “Take It Personal,” “Dwyck,” “Skillz,” “Above The Clouds” are just a sample) that will forever leave an indelible mark on music for generations to come. In fact, many consider his work with Guru in Gang Starr and the debuts from then fellow Gang Starr foundation members, Group Home (Livin’ Proof) & Jeru The Damaga (The Sun Rises In The East), as being production masterpieces.

Aside from his work with Gang Starr, DJ Premier’s influence and work loomed just as large, as his uniquely distinctive and diverse production style appears on some of Hip-Hop’s most critically acclaimed efforts (Nas’ Illmatic, Notorious B.I.G.’s Ready To Die and Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt). Yet, where many others have become pigeonholed and stymied by a “trademark” sound, DJ Premier has flourished for over two-decades now, as he has meshed his aggressive and raw loops with the music industries biggest and most talented names: Kanye West, Black Eyed Peas, Big L, Cee-Lo, Common, Janet Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Branford Marsalis, Mos Def, Rakim, Das Efx and 50 Cent to name just a few. Further into his career he has collected three Grammy Awards (Jay-Z-Hard Knock Life), (D’Angelo Voodoo), (Christina Aguilera Ain’t No Other Man).

On 12-7-2010, DJ Premier will unveil the debut compilation LP for his Year Round Records imprint and it boasts collaborations with Styles P, Royce 5’9, Joell Ortiz, Saigon, Papoose, KRS-One, Grand Puba, Tef (of M.O.P.’s First Family), Lady Of Rage, MC Eiht, Freddie Foxxx and Blaq Poet (among others) and with his undeniable eye for spotting emerging talent, DJ Premier will also feature two of his latest Year Round artists Nick Javas and Khaleel alongside label-mates NYG’z on the Get Used To Us compilation. DJ Premier is also prepping forthcoming releases with Pete Rock (Pete Rock vs DJ Premier), KRS-One (Return Of The Boom Bip), Freddie Foxxx (The Kolexion), Tef (Contraband), Nick Javas (Destination Unknown) and NYG’z (Hustlaz Union: Local NYG) which will be the first all DJ Premier Produced album since Gang Starr’s “The Ownerz.”

DJ Premier adds “I chose to release this LP while I put the finishing touches on all of the projects that were due for 2010. I figured, why not pull a song from each project as well as the Remixes that were only available on 12” inch vinyl last year. Since I am independent and I do not have to worry about following the map that our industry goes by, my goal is to release more than six albums in 2011. I am a street DJ! Street DJ’s set the trends of what is good way before everyone knows what is happening. Street DJ’s are like weathermen, we know when it is sunny, rainy, snowy, hurricanes; you name it before it actually hits. To prove my independence, I am dropping 4 singles and videos all at once (Nick Javas “Opportunity Knoccs”), (NYG’z “Policy”), (Khaleel “Hot Flames”), (MC Eiht “Fine By Me”) for the Get Used To Us compilation.

I pride myself on making sure that my established market of fans and supporters get fed what there always waiting for when I release music and I welcome new fans that want to hear hard, original beats with rhymes that you can’t deny when it comes to skills. Plus, I have a live weekly radio show Friday nights from 10pm—Midnight (EST) on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio-(Hip Hop Nation)-(Sirius 40/XM 67) called (”Live From Headqcourterz”) which is dedicated to breaking new underground Hip Hop from a true DJ’s perspective. I only play what I think the audience needs to hear. Hip Hop’s age range has gone from age 4 to 60 believe it or not. You cannot outgrow a culture so I fill the void that terrestrial radio cannot fill.”

DJ Premier Presents- Year Round Records: Get Used To Us will be available at all fine retailers and digital outlets starting on 12-7-2010.

Year Round Records 24/7/365—Get Used To Us!

Tracklisting and credits for DJ Premier Presents- Year Round Records: Get Used To Us LP:

(Sequencing is still being determined)

1.) “Bang Dis!” Blaq Poet
2.) “Fine By Me” MC Eiht (produced by Brenks)
3.) “Policy” NYG’z

4.) “5%” f/KRS-One & Grand Puba

5.) “Opportunity Knoccs” Nick Javas
6.) “Married To The Game” Tef & Styles P
7.) “Epic Dynasty” Dynasty

8.) “Ya Dayz R #D” NYG’z f/Lady Of Rage, Freddie Foxxx & Royce 5’9 (NYGemix)

9.) “Temptation” Young Maylay

10.) “Not A Game” Nick Javas

11.) “Rappin Exercise” Khaleel f/Panchi of NYG’z (produced by Showbiz)

12.) “Ain’t Nutin Changed” (Remix) Blaq Poet f/MC Eiht & Young Maylay

13.) “Lifetime Membership” Tef f/Saigon & Papoose

14.) “Hot Flames” Khaleel

15.) “Warning Track" Nick Javas (DJ Premier Remix)—(Bonus Track)

16.) “Sing Like Bilal” Joell Ortiz (Version 3)--(Bonus Track)

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DJ Premier- Year Round Records: Get Used To Us Video Vignette #2‏ 

Were about 6 weeks out until the release of DJ Premier's Year Round Records: Get Used To Us Compilation (12-7-2010) and in this installment of Premier discusses individual songs from the compilation.

part 1:

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Nuttkase - Dope Remixes (vol.1) 2010 ft Necro, La Coka Nostra, Vinnie Paz, Cypress Hill (Download) 

01 Black Snow (ft. Ill Bill, Apathy)
02 Puppet Master (ft. Cypress Hill, Dr. Dre)
03 Put Ya Dukes Up (ft. Apathy)
04 Caked Up (ft. Little Vic, Kool G Rap)
05 Hope (ft. Nas)
06 Black Christmas (ft. Army Of The Pharaohs)
07 Do It (ft. La Coka Nostra)
08 Reptilian Renaissance (ft. Sick Jacken)
09 5 Boros (ft. Non Phixion)
10 I Am (ft. Bekay)
11 Heavy Metal Kings (ft. Jedi Mind Tricks, Ill Bill)
12 Mood 2 Bust (ft. ArchNME)
13 Tear It Down (ft. Army Of The Pharaohs)
14 Science Of The Bumbrus (ft. Apathy, Celph Titled & Open Mic)
15 You Ain't A Killer (ft. Big Pun)
16 Drag You To Hell (ft. Vinnie Paz)
17 Mighty Healthy (ft. Ghostface Killah)
18 Connivers (ft. Q-Unique)
19 Nirvana (ft. Necro, Ill Bill, Goretex & Mr Hyde)

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