DNA - The Evolution of the double Helix (Drac n Analyst) 16 track download 

Drac & Antahlyzah form DNA..a Duo of Planetary Emcees Bearing Ancient Scrolls of Black Wisdom InterTwined With Lyrical Wizardry

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Life" Capital-"X" featuring Akir off of 305375 The Voice of the Voiceless 

305375" a 23-tracks work, comprising interludes, brings back an imaginary connection with the militant and controversial Rap once performed by Public Enemy and Paris.

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The Shotgun Wedding Quintet-Bridge and Tunnel 

The Shotgun Wedding Quintet-Bridge and Tunnel,TSWQ is Pdub Korte(drums & sampler,) Jon Monahan (guitar,) Adam Theis (Bass & Bone,) Joe Cohen (sax & keys,) and Dublin (vocals.), this evening they had Peter Apfelbaum join them on sax, always luved this band. so underrated.

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New Instrumentals by "DocJeezy" Stephen Jones of "Lucid Music" 

"DocJeezy" Stephen Jones is the dj and producer for the awesome group Lucid Music, he programs beats and manipulates vinyl. Lucid Music are 3 b-boys dedicated to the preservation of real hip hop and the elements that made us fall in love with it way back when. They stay true in every sense of what hip hop should be. They use vinyl in their live shows, dig in crates for gems and write verses that have substance.

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In Honor Of HipHop Appreciation Week 2010-Temple of Hip hop & RHHF Presents - "Order" 


Trigger The Soldier, Just Be, Frodie, Zin Uru, Chrizondamic, and Vigalantee

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