Talib Kweli - Cold Rain (Official Video) 

Talib Kweli's new album Gutter Rainbows will be out tomorrow

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"DJ Double P” Price CEO Platinum-Protocol-Records - For The Love Of Hip Hop 

"Double P” Price CEO of PPR Platinum Protocol Records, Producer, DJ, Artist and Graphic Designer. Newark, NJ, the birthplace of Patrick is where his consumption of music began. Being introduced to music from birth, Double P became familiar with his now idols, Quincy Jones, Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Al Green, Luther Vandross, and many more. It was from this point on that he knew music was his calling.

In 1988 during a trip to Hawaii to visit his brother, DJ J. Love, Double P was taught how to deejay. During that summer, at the tender age of 14, Double P learned the business side of the DJ business. From making and mastering mix tapes, to production and promotion, Double P took what he learned in Hawaii and went home to start his own DJ service. Preparing to enter high school, Double P knew that music would be his escape from the "hood” and became focused about becoming not only a DJ, but an emcee.

Over the years Double P continued to build his crafts as a DJ and an MC. While spinning at numerous shows as the DJ, then rocking the mic when it was time to take the stage, Double P knew this is where his heart was and continued to stick it out. It was during this time he linked up with Hasstyle and Sal White, tightening up on his skills and becoming a lyricist. Currently, in business with, Anthony "Hasstyle” McCallam and Lana "Lady L” Kendinian, they managed to form and unstoppable team in founding Platinum Protocol Records, LLC (PPR).

Double P, among many talented artists, brings to the table, being a DJ, producer, lyricist, engineer, graphic designer, and entrepreneur. For two years Double P hosted his Throwback Saturday and Wicked Wednesday radio shows on Blogtalkradio. He is now hosting the Exclusive Saturday radio show on UStream, where he solely dedicates it to Independent music from a variety of genres such as Hip-Hop, Reggae, and R&B.

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