Q-Unique - "Green Grass" (Official Video) 

Q-Unique Takes Viewers On A Stoned Journey Through London With Latest Video From Between Heaven And Hell

Brooklyn native and former Arsonists member Q-Unique has been painting vivid pictures of the grime and drab of New York life throughout his sophomore album, Between Heaven And Hell, his first project since the 2008 release of Vengeance Is Mine. Showing off his storytelling ability, Q-Unique tells a range of tales depicting life growing up in a darker time of New York with tracks like "Mr. Lopez," about a robbery gone wrong, to the crippling crack epidemic on "Crack Era." While his latest album, on which Q-Unique receives assistance from the likes of Ill Bill, Slaine, and more, dropped in early fall of 2010, Q-Unique continues to release new videos to support the project. The Brooklyn native is now treating fans with a video for the stoner anthem "Green Grass."

Directed by Ian Pons Jewell, the video takes the viewer on a toked up walk through the streets of London, England. After taking a puff of a joint, Q-Unique takes over the body of the smoker as him and a friend start on their journey. "Now normally I don't put myself on front street/ But it's sure the chocolate paper makes the blunt sweet/ I get the best New York City bomb shit," raps Q-Unique over the horn and drum heavy beat, as this track takes its rightful place as one of many odes to the doja.

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