Mac Lethal - An Ode to Charlie Sheens Tiger Blood 


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DaVinci - "Blame Game" Prod. By Al Jieh (Video + Download) 

"Lend me your ear for a minute – I got some shit on my chest." So begins "Blame Game," the latest video from DaVinci, who emerged in 2010 as one of hip-hop's most gifted young lyricists, matching street grit and tough talk with genuine hope and optimism – and doing so all while avoiding the soapbox. This latest song, while not planned for inclusion on DaVinci's upcoming EP, Feast Or Famine, or sophomore LP, The MOEna Lisa, feels more fitting as a lost track from The Day The Turf Stood Still. "It was like an overflow of lines that I didn't get to say on the last album," explains the Fillmore, San Francisco rapper. "It's something that's been especially on my mind because of Black History Month."

The track, produced by Al Jieh of Drums & Ammo, flips the same Aphex Twin sample that Kanye employed on his recent album, while filtering the sample, making it feel as though the music is floating over the heavy drums – perfect when juxtaposed against DaVinci's gruff flow and weighty subject matter. "Society blames the government for their problems – poverty, homelessness, gentrification, unemployment, drug abuse – yet, the government blames society for these same issues," explains DaVinci when discussing the song's inspiration. "Stole from the hood and gave it back to the rich/ On some backwards Robin Hood shit – robbin' hood shit," raps DaVinci, with the vivid imagery and wordplay, adding, "Seen dope fiend Archie leaning over on the park bench/ Nodding off of H, got my muthafuckin' heart drenched/ I'm just happy I made it/ Even though the kid still feel emotionally sedated... Pray to God that he could take us from degraded to the greatest."

Al Jieh makes his directorial debut with "Blame Game," shooting the video entirely on a Digital Harinezumi, the Japanese to camera that has developed a cult-like following of recent. Tim Jieh, who also provided co-direction on DaVinci's "What You Finna Do" video, handled editing for the video.

DaVinci's Feast Or Famine EP will be released this spring, while DaVinci's sophomore LP, The MOEna Lisa, will be released over the summer.

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Finest Ego | New Zealand / Australian Beatmaker Compilation 

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Pensmoke - Secret Dinners (Movun Remix) 

Pensmoke is a native Christian emcee from Memphis, this is the remix of Secret Dinners which was released last year.

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