Perseverance United Division album sampler Ft.Stic man (dead prez), Dilated Peoples, Diabolic, Copywrite,Moka Only,Godilla,Snowgoons + More 

Long Awaited, must have new album on the way by Perseverance United Division, in the works for 2 years, with some of the sickest and illest in hip hop, comming early 2011 ft. Anti Injustice Movement/Guerrilla Republik Perseverance, Stic man of dead prez, Rakaa off Dilated Peoples, Diabolic, Copywrite, Moka Only, C rayz walz, Dudley Perkins, Capital X, Dr. Ill, Block McCloud, Mrs. Nita, Godilla, L.I.F.E. LONG, Banish and so many more. Production from Snowgoons "Dj illegal",Anno domini beats and more.

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P.R @pdotr Nujabes & Eyedea Blend - How You Feel (P.R REMIX) "R.I.P" 

P.R's second Nujabes Mash up! This one features MC "Eyedea" who passed away (November 9, 1981 - October 17, 2010). It is a blend of Nujabes & Fat Jon's track "How You Feel" with Eyedea's track "Architects Theme". This tribute blend is dedicated two both Nujabes & Eyedea. May their music forever live on and may they forever Rest In Peace.

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State Of Mind - Bud-Ez - A look into the Mind of some of Delawares emerging talent Hosted by Iz the Truth (Guerrilla Republik) 

A look into the Mind of some of Delawares emerging talent. Hosted by Iz the Truth (Guerrilla Republik), Bud-Ez, T-Dot, NR4F, Vybe Beatz, Anno-Domini, White Hot Productions, Truescribe Productions, Sinima Beats, 2 Deep

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Jasiri X - Three Little Girls - Video @jasiri_x - For Woman's History Month 

For Woman's History Month we wanted to shed light on how violent this society is especially towards woman and girls. "Three Little Girls" tells the stories of the senseless murders of Christina Taylor Green who was killed during the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Brisenia Flores who was gunned down by anti-immigrant militia intent on starting a race war, and Aiyana Jones who shot to death while asleep in her home, by the Detroit Police Department, while they were filming a reality TV show.

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Kyle Rapps - "Me" (Prod. by Kev Brown) (Download) 

Not many people get the opportunity to introduce themselves through a song, but that's just what Kyle Rapps does with his new single, "Me," from his upcoming EP, Re-Edutainment. The NJ-born, NY-based rapper's concept album, which showcases his personal spin on Boogie Down Production's Edutainment, and Kyle's saucy personality and clever lyricism is accented throughout by guest MC's KRS-One, Joell Ortiz, and U-N-I, along with producer Kev Brown, who brings his own unique take to the same samples used on the BDP original.

His first two singles, "Rent Remix" and "Hard Knock Children," dealt with high rent rates and childhood memories, but Kyle wants you to get to know the real him with his single "Me." Listening to the new single feels like you just fell into a conversation with Kyle at a party; he even starts out the second verse with, "Nice to meet ya, the name's Kyle Rapps/ I got a Bill Gates grant and a Today Show feature." "Writing this one made me think about the things I have accomplished in my life that I never thought possible," says Kyle. "From staying clean, winning a Microsoft grant, and doing what I love for a living, to dealing with deep personal loss and overcoming setbacks. This track is just telling you who I am as a person... a high energy, flavorful joint that gives you a peek in to my crazy diverse world." Kev Brown is half responsible for that flavor, bringing in the whammy pedal and some trumpets for the funky instrumental.

Kyle, a poet as well as a rapper, cites his slam poetry group, Mayhem Poets, as one of the main inspirations for the track. "From youth detention centers, to public schools, to bar mitzvahs, doing slam poetry has made me appreciate the opportunity to express myself on all levels." According to Kyle, a poignant message lies beneath Kev Brown's stellar production and Rapps' lighthearted verses in "Me": "Have the awareness to learn who you are and the courage to be that no matter what."

Kyle Rapps' debut EP, Re-Edutainment, will be available for purchase on March 29th.

Download "Me" here

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