LAH TERE - CRUSH - You Are (Video) 

Lah Tere is a humanitarian, activist, female-emcee, songstress, and a visionary speaker for the 21st Century.The Afro-Antillian/Puerto Rican/Boricua sister grew up in Chicago’s historic Puerto Rican community of Humboldt Park near the famed Paseo Boricua. She is a first generation born in the mainland, and the daughter of revolutionary educators and survivors of Chicago’s notorious ghettos.

Lah was a member of Rebel Diaz, an internationally known rap group that took a critical and political stance on many social issues from police brutality on the streets of New York to violence against women globally. She was blessed to have traveled across the globe speaking a positive message. She was also a founding member of the Rebel Diaz Arts Collective (RDAC) in the Bronx. There, she was able to help her immediate community through artistic actions.

Lah is also the co-founder of Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen: The Soup Kitchen for the Hip Hop Soul (MHHK), a multifaceted hip hop event designed to showcase women artists, especially women of color. MHHK serves as a social justice community-organizing platform that educates and empowers women of color on issues that impact their lives, including HIV/AIDS and reproductive justice. She is also the founder of Pearls of Wisdom, a series of 5 events that are themed around very important topics in her life. She invites women who can identify, and/or represent the topics through the artform of their choice.

Through her political and local activism, Lah Tere has worked to carve her own niche outside of the commercial hip-hop industry, and focused on building community from within.

As an emcee, she has used hip-hop as a didactic tool as well as an emotional release. Lah Tere writes and performs about domestic violence issues and links popular media examples of violence against women to secrets and silences in communities of color around molestation, rape, and other forms of violence against women’s bodies that is too often normalized and naturalized in popular culture.

Currently, Lah is working on a debut solo album, as well as a solo mixtape and collaborative album with her brother Tony Centrino. Armed with piercing lyrics and a message that could change the world for better, Lah Tere plans on bringing everything to the party, and leaving no life untouched.

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Los Angeles Hip Hop duo INNER CITY DWELLERS- fronted by RHIPS & VDAH--backed up on the one's and two's by Dj Survive--present political criticism through lyricism. Their work explores all topics ranging from life, loss, and love-you know-that human condition stuff...grow with them!

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Q-Storm - Eye Declare War 

The Sophomore Album From Q-Storm. The Sequel to "the Reinvention" The answer to AmeriKKKa, the battle cry against the Illuminati. The reality of existence, "Eye Declare War" is a document of instructions to survive in these days of times. The album has a full plate of everything you need. It's time to be free!

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