Nicholas Wonder - U Don't Know remix 

Not just rapping over the beat, flipping the lyrics to address the mortgage crisis and oil crisis!!!

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DJ JS-1 - "Boom Slap" Feat. KRS-One & Rahzel‏ (Download) 

If you're fed up with producers who make "fake J Dilla beats" and "pop-star radio DJs" like DJ JS-1 is, the best thing to do is slap them across the face with some real boom bap sounds. So that's exactly what the Queens, New York DJ did with his new single, "Boom Slap," and who better to amp up the slap than two of the kings of boom bap, KRS-One and Rahzel. The respective visionaries of rapping and beat boxing join their friend JS-1 on the first leak from No One Cares, which will be released on June 21st via Fat Beats Records. "My biggest selling single to date was my first single, 'Essentials,' which featured KRS & Rahzel," says JS-1. "That was on my first album, Ground Original 1 in 2002. With this album being Ground Original 3 and the final installment of that series, I wanted to close out with a KRS & Rahzel track."

Since his start in the early 90's, DJ JS-1 has witnessed hip-hop evolve over the years, and "Boom Slap" explains exactly how he feels about hip-hop in 2011. "I'm all about boom bap, regardless of how some of these new-jacks feel," explains the DJ/producer. "There are tons of people making pretty music, and that's nice for an R&B group, but we make that boom bap that slaps you when you hear it." This song does just that, as JS-1's hard-hitting beat serves as the foundation for Rahzel's background vocals and patented vocal scratches, while KRS verbally assaults the beat with his unmistakable flow. "The style of hip hop we create is not going anywhere," says JS-1. "People can say what they want – make what they want – but this style will always be here. Forever, and ever, we will be here forever..."

DJ JS-1's No One Cares will be available for purchase on June 21st on Fat Beats Records.

Download DJ JS-1's "Boom Slap" for free here (right click & save as)

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Neek The Exotic & Large Professor Speak On Their New Album "Still On The Hustle" 

Neek the Exotic & Large Professor take a moment during a studio session to send fans a brief message about their forthcoming full-length album, Still On The Hustle, dropping May 17th on Fat Beats Records. Both gripping the album, the hip-hop vets have one proclamation; this album is truly from the heart and is a joint effort between the two. Fans also get to sneak a peek at the album artwork and listen to special guest commentary on why the wait will be well worthwhile.

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Vakill - I Came 4 U (Official Video) 

from the upcoming album "Armor of God" out June 14th

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Mega Ran & K-Murdock - "Thank You For Listening" (Official Video) 

Music video of Mega Ran & K-Murdock's tribute to their beloved fans featuring footage from Ran & K's winter touring in Austin at SxSW & Chicago at C2E2. Shouts to Storyville and Larry aka "The Count" for the camera work.

Actual song available for FREE exclusively through Bandcamp:

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"Halftime" is from Elzhi's "ELmatic" Free Album (a tribute to Nas' Illmatic) produced and played Live by Will Sessions.

Elzhi's "ELmatic" will be available for free download on 5.10.11 at

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Stypes - "Space Lady" (prod. by incise) - 7 Stories High EP - FREE DOWNLOAD on Kitchen Dip 

Stypes - "Space Lady" - 7 Stories High EP - FREE DOWNLOAD:

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