Qué es Hip Hop? / What is Hip Hop? By B-Boy Buda - Hablar Del Hip Hop Enserio 

La idea de este grupo es servir como un medio de información, donde se pueda preguntar, dudar, debatir cualquier tema y todas las personas sean tratadas con respeto, tanto los que saben, como los que no saben porque son nuevos en el Hip Hop o no tienen idea del Hip Hop pero les interesa.

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"Aint No Use" - Yosh Ft Leddie (L&S)‏ 

"Aint No Use" (Prod. by Scrilla) was originally released online by Yosh in March, and was to later be included on his solo EP which was recently released May 1st 2011 (Available for Free from www.YoshTheResistance.Bandcamp.Com). The idea of a remix ft Leddie (Of Leddie & Smoggy/L&S) however, came around in April after she had heard, and loved, the original version and Yosh finally put forward the idea of her adding her own opinions and views onto the original concept of 'freedom', being mentally uncageable and unplugged from modern day society. The remix has already recieved very positive reviews ranging from both of the artists fanbases, Hip Hop lovers alike, numerous bloggers and radio DJ's, as well as legendary UK Hip Hop artists and producers.

Yosh' is a conscious Hip Hop artist hailing from Rochdale, Manchester, and is also a DJ/Presenter of an underground Hip Hop radio show, on Galaxy247. Yosh is currently working on his conscious Hip Hop album 'The Poisoning' (Release TBC) and has recently supported acts such as Akala, Lowkey, Shadia Mansour, Logic, Jaja Soze, DVS, and Malik MD7.

'Leddie' is the female half of the Middlesbrough based, female/male UK Hip Hop duo "Leddie & Smoggy" (L&S) whom are currently working on an EP as well as their debut album, Both are set to be released later in the year (2011). They (L&S) are both generals in the 'Peoples Army' movement, alongside the likes of Lowkey, Logic, Big Cakes, Mic Righteous, English Frank, Chester P and Genesis Elijah, and have had the opportunity to support the likes of Devlin, Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip, The King Blues, Lowkey + Logic (NWO) Stig of The Dump + Dr Syntax, DJ Fever (Out Da Ville) and Skinnyman.

Check Yosh out at;

If you are interested in reviewing or interviewing either of us, Please do not hesitate to contact us at our email addresses below, with all of the details.

Yosh; tizyosh.official@gmail.com
Leddie; LeddieAndSmoggy@Hotmail.co.uk

Leddie & Smoggy x
Email; LeddieAndSmoggy@Hotmail.Co.Uk

Social Media Links;

Free Downloads/Merch;

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Drastiko ft. K-Rino - They Don't Know 

New Video:Drastiko ft. K-Rino - They Don't Know

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G-Ammo - Going Down (Underground Hip-Hop Beat) Free Download 

To Celebrate 3,000 subscribers, G-Ammo Beats is giving away a few hip hop beats for free download. Congrats to G-Ammo, he deserves it. To Get the rest of his free downloadS, visit G-AMMO BEATS

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