Drastiko ft K-Rino They Don't Know (Music Video) 

New Drastiko video featuring K-Rino. This was sent to me from AZTECINKtv's Youtube Channel. Make sure to check out his other videos and pass this around so he gives us some more!

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What Inspires Tonedeff & PackFM? 

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO REAL HIP HOP FOREVER, TODAY IS OUR ANNIVERSARY, 4 YEARS, EST. MAY 17 2007. Congrats to all our members, supporters and all those that have been with us since the beginning.

If you're a real Hip Hop head from any region. If you respect the culture & represent it with pride . If you see through the trash they try to pass off as hip hop now a days stand up!

"Shedding light to all aspects and elements of Hip Hop Culture, Underground, Alternative, Global Awareness, Independent, Injustice, Positive music, Conscious, Revolutionary. Promote Positivity, Change, Peace, Unity, Justice, Knowledge & History shunned in the mainstream culture around the world"

RHHF is a collectively-managed social network, hip hop website and social movement that operates entirely on a democratic basic. We are real hip hop heads, artists, producers, graffiti, bboys, bgirls, activists, emcees, freedom fighters, revolutionaries, anarchists, poets, hip hop fans, organizations, websites, educators ect. from all walks of life, all ages coming together to represent the hip hop culture and all that is represented by this term. Maintaining the goal of bringing light to all aspects and elements of hip hop culture, real music, alternative news that are otherwise shunned in the mainstream culture around the world. To make intelligence more important, to educate teens and children on more positive music, other than what they hear on the radio

What Is Hip Hop Culture?

"Too many people are unclear as to what Hip Hop Culture really is and tend to use the term frivolously. Hip Hop Culture is commonly recognized by its main elements: Graffiti, Djing, Breakdancing (B-boying), Mcing, and Beatboxing. These elements are forms of art designed to express a deeper meaning. At its core, Hip Hop is also much more than art and entertainment. Hip Hop is the constantly evolving spirit and consciousness of urban youth that keeps recreating itself in a never-ending cycle. It is joy, sorrow, pleasure, pain, victory, defeat, anger, happiness, confusion, clarity, humor, intensity, dream, nightmare, life, death, and everything else in between. It is the spirit that connects the past to the present and lays a path towards the future. The spirit of Hip Hop is the same as Jazz, Reggae, Blues and a multitude of other types of expressions. Hip Hop Culture cannot be assimilated, integrated, diluted, watered-down, sold for profit, or pimped. It will always exist, in this incarnation or another. Hip Hop is life and all it has to offer. This knowledge lays the foundation for all those who thought of Hip Hop as nothing more than entertainment" Sebastien Elkouby (RHHF Author/Hip Hop Educator

Hip Hop!

Hip hop teaches the history of the inner city. It teaches the economics of post-industrialism. The hip hop culture is a lens through which we can really analyze current events and politics in our society. Hip-Hop adds a face and a voice to those who might not have otherwise been seen or heard from in any other medium. Whether right or wrong Hip Hop gives credence to those who have been historically shunned, disregarded, oppressed and invalidated. Hip-Hop is an evolving life force within the person that lives it, breathes it, and moves around in it. Hip-Hop is more than what you hear on the radio, read in the magazines, or what you watch on TV. Hip-Hop is you. Hip-Hop is ME!

"Unfortunately, hip hop culture has been misrepresented by the media. In this quest for peace, we shouldn't depend solely on the media for information about hip hop culture, since there have been many cases where the media has helped to promote division and corruption within the culture. We should not rely on sources that have no authority, knowledge or understanding regarding hip hop" POPMASTER FABEL

Power To The People!

Register and join us in the forum for great topics

FORUM- http://realhiphop4ever.ucoz.com/forum
Facebook- http://facebook.com/Realhiphopforever
Twitter- http://twitter.com/RealHipHop4ever
Tumblr- http://realhiphopforever.tumblr.com/
youtube- http://www.youtube.com/user/realhiphop4ever


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Raptivist Capital-X On The Death Penalty 

A short film with revolutionary Anti Injustice Movement/Guerrilla Republik Capital-X speaking facts about the death penalty in Amerikkka. This video was filmed and edited by WWFF (World Wide freedom Fighters).

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Jorge Popmaster Fabel Pabon's address delivered at the UN during The International Hip Hop Conference for Peace" May 16th "We Are One" 


I would like to preface this speech with the overstanding that when I say Hip Hop, I am referring to the complete culture and not just the element of rap or emceeing.

In overstanding Hip Hop culture, we must overstand the various contributions and influences it has had since its origins. These influences and contributions are found in current and previous cultural forms of expression; from world to urban, social, political and economic dynamics; various religious traditions and ideologies; scientific development and many other historical references. Even after analyzing all of these points, one might still fall short of totally explaining the phenomenon of how one's spirit relates and interacts with the universal rhythmic vibrations found in Hip Hop culture. However, we should try to acknowledge that which can be verified and stands true as fact.

In this quest for Peace, the Universal Zulu Nation continues to promote: Knowledge, Wisdom, Overstanding, Freedom, Justice, Equality, Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, Work, Fun, overcoming the negative to the positive, and other core principles.

These goals have become a reality within The Universal Zulu Nation as is clearly demonstrated by our international attendees and representatives at our yearly Anniversaries. Our chapters are scattered throughout the world, yet bound together through an overstanding and respect of each other's individual cultures as well as our common culture, known as "Hip Hop". The Universal Zulu Nation is also united, as we are today, in spirit and purpose. Our concerns for upliftment, of all people, are shared by many, as is evident in this gathering and other conferences designed to highlight the positive power and potential of Hip Hop culture.

In this quest for Peace, it is imperative that we acknowledge Hip Hop culture as a transcending force which belongs to those who create it, live it, support it, protect it, and promote it, regardless of their race, religion, nation, tribe, crew or organization. We might fly different colors, which represent our individuality and commitment to various parties or beliefs, but in truth, we all produce one collective mosaic, which creates the unity of this culture.

Although Hip Hop culture was, for the most part, initially celebrated by African and Caribbean descendants in the 1970's, it was also embraced by various other ethnicities during this period, especially after it found its place above ground. For the true Hip Hoppers, our standards have never changed regarding who is "down by law" and who isn't. One's skills for speak for themselves, regardless of one's skin tone or background. To us, it's about being original and bringing something new to the elements while preserving the foundation set by the pioneers.

Hip Hop culture continues to unite people of various religions, nations, and cultures through the universal languages of dance, art, music, fashion and many other tools. The fact that Hip Hop is not a religion, philosophy or belief system gives us a neutral platform to unite upon. It is inclusive and has always consisted of various influences.

Peace can be achieved by respecting each other's differences, uniting in our commonalties, and agreeing to disagree with each other's opinions and views. Hip Hop culture has not only given us a vehicle of expression, but when used positively, it has given us an opportunity to explore the world and change the lives of many. It has helped many of us overstand ourselves as well as others. It has helped to educate us and challenge our views. It has given many the opportunities to become self-empowered. It has given us many ways to communicate with our youth and has helped us to exercise and stimulate their senses. The outcome of these efforts often brings about a strong conscious generation of individuals who have found peaceful ways to settle differences and who stand for the upliftment of their community.

Unfortunately, Hip Hop culture has been misrepresented by the media and those who are either ignorant or have a hidden agenda. In this quest for peace, we shouldn't depend soley on the media for information about Hip Hop culture, since there have been many cases where the media has helped to promote division and corruption within the culture. We should not rely on sources who have no authority, knowledge or overstanding regarding Hip Hop culture's origins and evolution. We should make it our business to research, cross-reference and fact check all of the pieces to this great puzzle. With this we can become students of the culture. Ultimately I have found that the most honorable teachers continue to be great students.

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The Message, was more revelatory and for the first time, hip hop became a vehicle not merely for bragging and boasting but for trenchant social commentary, with Melle Mel detailing the grim realities of life in the ghetto.The record was a major critical hit, and it was an enormous step in solidifying hip hop as an important and enduring form of musical expression.

The original remaining members of the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inducted Legendary Hip Hop Pioneers Furious 5, the first superstar emcees within Hip Hop. They were the voices for deejay Grandmaster Flash- in- depth interview discussing everything from how they built the first stage for Hip Hop to who their musical influences were growing up. This is rare never before seen footage taken right before they were honored by VH1.

We Want To Wish Melle Mel A Happy 50TH Birthday on May 17th! Big Jeff is throwing a 50th Bday party for Mele Mel and a tribute to Kool Herc 4 HIP HOP Appreciation week at BBKings 237 west 42 street, 8pm ft. Black Thought, QuestLove, Big daddy Kane, Force MDs, Dj Premier, freedom Williams,TSki Valley, Jeru The Damaja, Jazzy Jay and more.

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Mister Cartoon, King Cope 2, Jee...Bronx, NY 2011 Rockin a train (Graffiti) 

Mr Cartoon, King Cope & Jee,...Bronx, NY rocking a train. Special Guest's Boots119, Night, T Parris and OG BX Bomber Babe Ruth,Video by Brian Dwels,Track name is "Overstand" by Night feat. T Parris.

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Dregs One - The Wake Up Call Mixtape @Dregs_One 

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