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"The boys behind Passalacqua (MC's Mister and Blaksmith-(-of Cold Men Young) are mining the swooning splendor of early R&B and doo-wop dashed soul via the looped string cascades of the Delfonics on their latest...

Here, they're keeping it mostly in that steady-paced striding beat formula present throughout their first full release while the two trade off two subsequent essays worth of eloquent and characteristically self-reflective/world-weary rhymes." - Jeff Milo

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Ed Cayce presents: Fears Of Sex And Flying (Instrumental Album) 

Producer Ed Cayce of The Hollowz has just released his very first instrumental album, a project called "Fears Of Sex And Flying" that was partially composed during The Hollowz "Dreams Of Sex And Flying" sessions, and partially after.

The piano player and 10 year plus producer/sound engineer, created much of this album during one of the darker periods of his life so it's only fitting that the music has a more mellow and complicated tone. Simply put, this really is an instrumental album and NOT a beat tape.

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The Beat Conceptionists - Beginning of the End Vol. 1 

Beginning of the End is the debut album from The Beat Conceptionists, a production team made up of members Angered rebel (USA), Mozaic (USA) & Skywalk3r (Can).

Track listing

Intro – Rebel
Rocket (Jupiter’s Eye) – Angered Rebel
Masterpiece – Mozaic
Smoke Em – Skywalk3r
Amped – Mozaic
Native - Angered Rebel
Bad Situations – Skywalk3r
Outro – Skywalk3r

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