M1 of Dead Prez & Bonnot ‎"Real Revolutionaries" New Video from the Ep "TITUS ANDRONICUS" special guests General Levy and Paolo Fresu 

‎"Real Revolutionaries" Official Video from the forthcoming Ep "TITUS ANDRONICUS" M1 of Dead Prez & Bonnot with the special featurings General Levy and Paolo Fresu

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Oxice - Infinite Turbulence 

Album: Infinite Turbulence
Artist: Oxice
Genre: Progressive Hip Hop

11 tracks available for download on
Mediafire & bandcamp

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Amos - The Ancient Prophet & Sick Since - Codex Magica 

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K-Rino - Return Of The Sorcerer 

K-Rino's new album "The Day Of The Storm" is out now!!!! This is the sequel to "The Sorcerer's Den", which was featured on the last RHHF mixtape. A must see for those of you into true lyricism.


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Ras Kass - The Line (Music Video) 

From the Limited Edition CD, Endangered Lyricist Volume 3 which can be downloaded free as Ras Kass site HERE

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Consequence - On My Own 

"On My Own" was recorded over a year ago and was initially slated to appear on Consequence's "Cons TV" project. A snippet of the track was released awhile ago and it generated quite the buzz, so as a thank you to his fans for their continued support; Consequence offers up "On My Own."

Be on the lookout for Con's "MOD3" coming soon!

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