‎Serum-WORLD PREMIER MUSIC VIDEO!!! "Rebel Without Applause" 

‎Serum-WORLD PREMIER MUSIC VIDEO!!! "Rebel Without Applause" directed by Mupalia Pictures. Song produced by Ozny and will on his next single on college radio. P.C.P. album coming soon

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Sa-Roc - Dark Matterz New Video (Produced by: Sol Messiah) 

Sa-Roc hails from the southeastern area of Washington DC, a city that’s a mashup of poverty stricken hoods, a strong radical movement, and a fierce loyalty to cultural preservation. This is the cocoon from which Saroc was birthed and bred. A product of Afrikan-centered parents, Saroc developed a rebel mentality from an early age. She grew up on the music of Jimi Hendrix, Gil Scott Heron, and Earth,Wind & Fire. Her musical soundtrack was a klash of sounds, from gogo, to rock, to hip hop. This foundation began an aural quest for different sounds and concepts in music. It wasn’t until 2002, when Saroc met Atlanta producer Sol Messiah, that she began her love affair with the mic. Armed with the lessons and musical genius of Sol Messiah, she developed a sound that was 1 part hood poetry, 2 parts otherworldly, and totally new and fresh. From subject matter ranging from melanin to pyramids, Saroc spits metaphysical ideas over melodic hip hop beats, seeking to fuse knowledge of self with great music. She seeks to create not just a couple of albums, but a full-fledged musical movement. A cultural griot, Saroc intends to reinstate the art of emceeing to its former glory, passing down the legacy 1 sixteen at a time

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Guru's 50th Birthday Tribute..July 17.. RIP WE MISS YOU (Prod. By DJ Premier) 

Gang Starr Foundation members Big Shug and DJ Premier celebrated Guru's 50th birthday which was yesterday (July 17th) with a tribute track to the late legend. Rest In Power Keith "Guru" Elam

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