BrassBastardz (Kitchen Dip Recordings) Live - Mumbo Jumbo; Showcase @ Moscow LDBK radio 

BrassBastardz is all about combination, synthesis and transformation. They apply these terms everywhere. Their music is colorful, energetic and constantly changing. The band is combining and transforming different styles together with various moods and diverse instruments. You can find live instruments and vocals that give pure and taintless feeling, along with synthesizers creating a more synthetic and diverse sound.

TIMELINE is a Kitchen Dip Exlusive EP from the BrassBastardz that contains songs from their 2 albums "Waiting" and "Synthezatorium"

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Shing Shing Regime - Queen Of The Last Monarchy (Official Video) @ShingShing7 

Canada's "Almighty Shing Shing Regime" drop more visuals off their "I AM SHING" mix-tape."The Shing" take you on a quick journey through the "Empire" and "Garden" State (NY/NJ) and back into Canada via the "Peace Bridge" on this ode to hip-hop entitled "Queen Of The Last Monarchy". This video was shot by STLTH MVMNTZ and Directed by Ezact Mind further, edited by Abiey Lema of CLOCK MGMT. 

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