RHHF Trigger The Soldier :The Rise Of Conscious Hip Hop Ft Agent X, Ka$ual, I-Kompleate, KP Hoodie, Skyline, Artistic Velocity, Vigalantee 

Real Hip Hop Forever The Rise Of Conscious Hip Hop - 2011 Comrades Trigger The SoldierEphrayim Odor,Erik Boyd/Agent X, Ka$ual, I-Kompleate,KP Hoodie, Skyline/Ashwin BrownBrad ArtisticVelocity Mickles & vigalantee / Roger M Suggs PRODUCED BY  Skyline  Featured on the mixtape Born Again and Again, Download it Here

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Jehuniko's European promo album, "Shipwreck Diaries" @Jehuniko1 Available Now For Download 

Jehuniko's European promo album, "Shipwreck Diaries" produced by Denmark's OgenF is now available on www.upinit.dk just follow the link and do a right click on the image and download the album. Jehuniko recorded 3 of the songs while on tour in Denmark last February and then the Dead Silence artist recorded the remaining songs in the US and features NYC's Capital X, Denmark's Two Towers, Mexico DF's Karim, LA's Spoken Mind and more. OgenF has been a staple on the European hip hop scene for a long time and while on tour in Europe with Capital X in October 2010, he was introduced to OgenF by Capital X. Jehuniko heard some of his production and inquired about the slow haunting bangers and learned that these beats were produced in the 90s.

On Die Rap Zombie, you hear Jehuniko going in on wack perpetrating plastic hip hop and on Streets of Gold, you hear Jehuniko melodically giving you a feel good song over a hammering slow rumble. Jehuniko was recently on tour in Europe and celebrated this release with an album release party in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

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Venomous2000 - The Most Efficient ft. CyMarshall Law, John Robinson, El Da Sensei, prod. Sci Fi Stu, cuts by DJ Priority 

Venomous2000TheUltraEmcee - THE MOST EFFICIENT FT. Cymarshall Law, JOHN ROBINSON, EL DA SENSEI, PROD. SCI FI STU, CUTS BY DJ PRIORITY (New Video) off the album "A Moment To Reflect II" also ft. Inspectah Deck, Rhymageddon, L.I.F.E. LONG,Tone Liv & DJ Priority and more

 "A Moment To Reflect II" now available for download at http://www.venomous2000.bandcamp.com/

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Masta Killa, Prodigy, Buckshot,Smif-N-Wesson,Talk Bronze Nazareth + Album Sampler "School for the Blindman Bronze Nazareth" FT. RZA AND MORE 

The anticipation for Bronze Nazareth's sophomore album is at an all-time high. In this video, Masta Killa (Wu-Tang Clan), Prodigy (Mobb Deep), Buckshot (Boot Camp Clik), General Steele (Smif-N-Wessun), Killah Priest, Smoke DZA, and 9th Prince (Killarmy) shout out Bronze and advise fans to watch out for "School For The Blindman." Drops Sept 13th, Order Now on Itunes or Amazon

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