Hasan Salaam "MUSIC IS MY WEAPON" Musical Chairs feat. Baron from Red Clay 

On the heels of releasing two critically acclaimed projects (2008’s "Children of God” and 2011’s collaborative effort with Rugged N Raw "Mohammed Dangerfield” which featured the well-circulated cut with Immortal Technique "Break Of A Star”), Hasan Salaam returns with a new EP "Music Is My Weapon” (appearances by Steele of Smif N Wessun, Chace Infinite, Reef The Lost Cauze & Eternia among others) which is now available; and even loftier goals.

The concept behind Hasan Salaam's EP "Music Is My Weapon" is the belief that music can be used as a powerful tool in the pursuit of freedom, justice, and equality. With the release of the project, Hasan is aiming to prove that music can change people's lives, literally. All profits from the sale of the EP will be used to fund a school, clean water well, and medical clinic in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa. In November 2010, Hasan became the first U.S hip hop artist to ever perform in Bissau. On the same trip he worked with the young artists, taught creative writing to the youth, and headlined a concert to promote freedom of speech. The "Music Is My Weapon" project is the next step, in an effort to provide change to a country that remains one of the poorest and least politically stable in the world.

The project has already raised over $3,500 towards the goal of $14,500 to construct the school, well, and medical facility in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa. School construction is set to begin next month with an estimated completion of March 2012. Every EP purchase will go directly to the It Takes A Village project and further advancing these goals.

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Chief69 - Every Glance Is Magic @Chef69HipHop 


Born in Brooklyn currently in the south Bronx Nelson Frc-tbb Seda / Chief69 is an up and coming emcee extraordinaire ..He loves Hip Hop culture so much that besides creating music he also is a full time Bboy/Artist/Poet/Actor,founder and leading member of Hip Hop Organization known as Floor Royalty Crew which is a group of like minded individuals who have a strong passion for Bboying..Graffiti..Emceeing..Beat-boxing..DJ-ing, Tbb/tbg rocking crew The Bronx Boys rocking crew bronx division president and most important of all.. a passion for life, our people, promotes peace, luv, unity and change

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GRAFFITI 2011 "BACK TO THE ROOTS" with Chief69 " 

GRAFFITI 2011 "BACK TO THE ROOTS" with Chief69 "I am more than just HIP HOP.I have a strong passion for HIP HOP that I cant and feel I should not ever neglect...be respectful of your roots and upbringing even if you cant appreciate it the experience and knowledge is what makes you" for more check out the blog spot http://www.chief69frc.blogspot.com/

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Unorthodox Ambition by God Hop Confederation,Kalik Scientific, Kil Ripkin 

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GOD HOP trailer 

The GOD HOP confederation is a unified force of conscious, talented and creative MC's, DJ's, video editors, producers, managers, promoters, journalists, radio personalities and more working together under nature's business model. Funded by the love, support and donations of the people as opposed to big business everyone is able to to do their job and exchange their skills and services without the pressure of sales, payola and impractical and unethical business practices. With the dedication and support of our members our goal is to provide free music, performances, videos and journalism that is both superior in its quality and the content of its message. The days of needing to add real to Hip Hop to regain it's glory and reclaim it from the hands of those who have abused it's legacy are over. They can have the shell of its former energy as its spirit has been reborn into a new and improved form. By leading the digital revolution as well as the age of information we are light years beyond the current industry. Maintain your integrity, morals, talents and the quality of your message. The search for music that you will feel comfortable with feeding to the minds of your children is over. Our database will be pre-filtered for the highest quality art humanity has to offer. Each artist will benefit from cross promotion with the fan base of every other artist thereby increasing their exposure. Our first goal is a compilation project and a GOD HOP confederation tour.

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