Topiltzin Magazine 1/2/2012 Ft Real Hip Hop Forever Underground Artist List, interview:Rafael Ithier and more 

The REAL Hip Hop Forever Underground Artists List will be featured on the January 2012 : Issue of Topiltzin Magazine. 2/1/2012, pluse Exclusive interview: Rafael Ithier ( Musical Director - El Gran Combo), Fashion: Diana Rosario-Ariezaga, Featured Article: Induct EGC Campaign – Janet Garcia
National Forum: REAL Hip Hop Forever Underground Artists List, Featured Artwork: Rosalina Morales
Topiltzin Magazine explores the motives behind the emerging trends in art, media, fashion, film and music. A window providing insightful analysis of current events, political opinion and creative vision from the leading artist’s perspective. Encouraging artists to express themselves in ways unthought-of previously. Dedicated to the propagation of all art forms, supporting local, international, emerging or established artists and community arts programs.

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