Iron Solomon x Forbes: The Business of Battle Rap 

Iron Solomon sits down with to speak on the business of battle rap and how he transitioned into releasing his debut album ‘Monster,’ out March 27th and available for pre-order now on iTunes


Pre-Order ‘Monster’: / More Info:

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‎Fort Nox - New Album L.O.T.O. (Last Of The Originals) Available Now 

Fort Nox began as a crew of different emcee's and producers in Fort Worth, Tx in early 1990's. There were several emcee's and groups which made up the supergroup of then known Fort Knox. Over a period of time the crew separated and members went separate ways. Three of the crews original emcee's remained which are Complete, Dez 2-2 and Solid who continue to perform and record as FORTNOX today

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