Clear Soul Forces - Detroit Revolution(s) 

Clear Soul Forces are a group of 4 very sick Detroit spitters, Wimpy, J-Roc, E-Fav & producer/emcee Llajade. This is their latest project "Detroit Revolution(s)", you can listen to the full album for free at the bandcamp player below and be sure to check out the slick video for their single "Get No Better, which is also available for free download Here. You can also purchase this project at

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Copywrite - God Save the King (Review) 

Review by El Matador

Lyrics - 85%
Beats - 80%
X-Factor - 80%
Overall - 80%

I have never been a super-big fan of Copywrite's music. Back, when I was obsessed with battle punchlines my boy recommended me checking him. The dude really impressed me with his wordplay, his skills could be easily compared to ones such Vakill or Juice. His new album came out of nowhere, you can say that that Man Bites Dog didn't really care about the proper promotion. lol I broke down the whole thing track-by-track.

1. Post-Apocalyptic Request Box (8\10)

An into. Suprisingly, one of the best lyrics on the album are being spat here.

2. Love (Feat. Tage Future) (7+\10)

Just a bragga track. Tage owned Copy on this track imo.

3. Swaggot Killaz (Feat. Jakki Da Motamouth) (7\10)

Guess what the song is about. Copy drops some memorable verses, I haven't heard him that hungry since "Ultra Sound: The Rebirth EP". Jakki is wack, he kinda ruined the track.

4. Sorrow (Feat. Illogic & Don Jaga) (8+\10)

The song sounds like a "The Life and Times of Peter Nelson" leftover. Something deeper, he mentions his deceased mother and raps about the struggle in his life.

5. Man Made (Feat. Rockness Monstah) (7\10)

When I saw "Rockness Monstah" on the tracklist, I thought it was going to be pure fire but it turned out to be a decent song. It's good to hear my boy Rock again though.

6. J.O.Y. (Joke's On You) (Feat. Jason Rose & Torae) (9+\10)

Might be the best track on the album (along with GSK). Beat is fucking bananas, Torae spits some sick verse (although his rhyme scheme is nowhere near Copywrite's verse). Jason Rose is a dope singer, the hook is super catchy.

7. Union Rights (Feat. Mhz) (7+\10)

A track that features Copy's group Mhz. The "ohh ohh ohh" in the hook sounds so much like in the previous song. Pretty simple but a well-done beat will have your head bopping.

8. Yo! MTV Raps (Feat. Jason Rose) (---)

Yes, I didn't rate this song because I have no idea what to think of it. I hated it when I first played it. Now I don't hate it. Neither do I love it. This shit got me confused and I just don't know what to write about it. That's why I decided to not to rate it. You just got to listen to it and judge it by yourself.

9. Blue Ribbon (7\10)

When it comes to rhyme scheme, it might be the best song on the album. Beat is dope but it gets boring as the song proceeds. Copywrite has nothing special to say but dropped one or two one-liners that would be worth of remembering.

10. Miracle (1\10)

Just an interlude. I usually don't rate interludes but this one is awful.

11. GSK (feat. Jason Rose) (10\10)

Without any doubt, the best song on the album, the best beat on the album, arguably the best song on the album when it comes to one-liners, the best chorus on the album (it's also the best chorus that has been sung in 2012 so far) and, personally, my favourite song on the album. Can't stop playing it. Do yourself a favor and bump it!

12. Workahol (6+\10)

Copy raps about himself being a workaholic and a nut. None of my favs.

13. White Democrats (Feat. Mac Lethal) (7\10)

Definitely one of the weaker beats on the album. Needless to say, Mac Lethal murdered Copywrite on his own shit.

14. Golden State of Mind (Feat. Casual, Evidence & Roc Marciano) (8+\10)

Sick shit, everyone came correct, even Evidence (whose verse and delivery were actually better than anything he delivered on Cats and Dogs). Atari-like beat adds something special to the vibe.

15. Synesthesia (3\10)

Horrible beat but cool lyrics. You should read them on some site rather than tease your eardrums by listening to this shit.

16. Got To Make It (feat. Tame One) (7\10)

I love the sample and the beat but I'm not sure if it was a good idea to leave the voice sample along with the drums as a hook. They should've had cut it out.

17. A Talk with Jesus (6\10 the first one and 7+\10 the second one)

The last song on the album will help you in describing the feeling how the hidden track can be better than the official one.

rate: 7+

The richest Copy's release when it comes to subject matter. Beats are good too but it's nothing special, nothing we wouldn't have heard before (they sound very Classfied-like).

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Raekwon - Dedication (Video) ft. JD Era 

Raekwon's "Dedication" from his mixtape Unexpected Victory

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