Torae - For The Record (Official Music Video) 

Official music video for the title track off Torae's album "For The Record". Available now

Directed by Anthony Sylvester
Cinematography by Ant DeRose
Produced by Kevin Lopez // LPZ Media

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IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE @Montreality 40 Minutes with Tech Interview 

His story, growing up in Harlem, NYC during the golden era of Hip-Hop (0:16)
- The type of student he was at school, his thoughts on learning institutions (2:17)
- Jobs he's had as a teenager growing up, trials & tribulations of the youth (4:47)
- The key to success, sacrifices he's made, independence (7:33)
- His critically acclaimed project, 'The Martyr' (10:22)
- If he thinks that his music puts his life at risk (13:19)
- The status on the orphanage / school that he built in Afghanistan (14:52)
- His thoughts on the aftermath of the Occupy Movement (15:31)
- The release date for his upcoming project, 'The Middle Passage' (17:32)
- What he would call his book if he were to write one (17:40)
- What he has in his pockets during the interview (17:58)
- His favorite airports across the globe (18:04)
- The reason why he doesn't have any tattoos (19:33)
- The legalization / decriminalization of Marijuana (19:51)
- Artists he'd like to collaborate with (23:26)
- Producers he'd like to collaborate with (26:28)
- The inspiration behind 'Dance With The Devil' (30:00)
- The inspiration behind 'You Never Know' (32:07)
- His many run-ins with the Police (35:07)
- What he thinks happens after death (37:42)

The Urban Authority across Canada.

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CYNE - Jacob's Ladder (ft. Substantial) 

New CYNE track, taken from the Project: Mooncircle 10th Anniversary Compilation, released on March 17th.

Check for all the info and the featured artists of this box set here:

Produced by Speck and Enoch
Vocals by Cise Star and Substantial

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