Dancing To His Own Beat - Hip Hop Legend - PopMaster Fabel 

Dancing To His Own Beat - Hip Hop Legend - PopMaster Fabel
by Noemi Figueroa (his sister) who also produced the monumental documentary titled "The Borinqueneers" which is about the 65th Infantry (Puerto Rican soldiers) www.borinqueneers.com

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Koncept - "Watch The Sky Fall" ft. Royce Da 5'9" 

Brown Bag All Stars "Koncept" trading bars with Royce Da 5'9" for this remix "Watch The Sky Fall". Check out the Full EP HERE

"A long time ago we all got the message that it’s like a jungle sometimes, and Koncept wants to remind us all that it ain’t the adversity you face... it’s the way you face it. Koncept opens up a window into his world, and if you look through it you’ll find that there’s a lot of soul to be seen as we “Watch the Sky Fall.” Koncept tells it like it is, spitting verses about the obstacles in his path and the dreams he clings to as he struggles past them. Despite the apocalyptic title, there’s a current of optimism that runs through the record. Given the list of friends dropping in to help out; there should be. This may be a solo outing, but Koncept still has the support of his Brown Bag family (J57, The Audible Doctor and Soul Khan all make appearances) - as well as a bit of help from the likes of Royce da 5’9, Marco Polo, and DJ Brace."

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PASSALACQUA - "Dead Fish Eyes" (Video) 

Two of Detroit’s more eclectic rap outfits, the duo behind Passalacqua, and the erudite/esoteric emcee, Doc Waffles got together to let off some steam and spit back against the bug-eye stares they see dotting the faces of various rat race bustlers, cafe cruisers or back-of-the-venue posture punks.

Free download of the song available at http://TomAndBootsy.com

Twitter: @thenameismister x @theblaksmith x @doc_waffles

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Dibbs Dreek - True Lies (Download) ft. Savant 

This is a great socially conscious hip hop song from Dallas "Dibbz Dreek"

"True Lies" is a trip through the mind of Dibbz Dreek as he explains odd things that he notices day to day. The song touches on everything from the Occupy Wall Street Movement to coercion in politics and religion. The jazz sample is taken from “Norman Connors - Land of Passion” and the quote at the beginning comes from none other than Huey Freeman from the Boondocks cartoon series. Guest vocals were performed by Savant aka Stanstro which gave the song that much needed sultry emotion and provided a bridge between the two 24 bar verses.

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David Dallas - Caught In A Daze (41 Remix) ft. Freddie Gibbs 

A Year after Duck Down's David Dallas put out "The Rose Tint", long time production partner Nick "41 Mclaren", is putting out a remix of the album titled The Purple Tint. This is the first release from the album, a new take on the song Caught In A Daze featuring Freddie Gibbs.

"The Purple Tint" due out April 3rd

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