Pod Kluczem - Freedom (OFFICIAL VIDEO 2011) 

Producer / Collector. Associated with hip hop music since 2000, initially as a MC. Currently a producer inspired by the classic 90's. Opened to new ideas, fresh sounds seeker. An admirer and enthusiastic vinyl collector of Jazz, Soul, Funk and Disco music. Currently wrapped up with work on his debut demo.

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D.N.A. (Drac n Analyst) - S.E.T.I. 

S.E.T.I. (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is a new album from hip hop group D.N.A (Drac n Analyst), with its trippy production, creative and consistent theme that flows through the whole album, and its raw rhymes, this is an album all underground heads will like, play the full album on the bandcamp player

"Its raw rap music with witty lyrics, melodic flows and dark beats from the two emcees Drac and Antahlyzah."

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JustMe "Ceremonial Master" (ft. Wonder Brown)‏ Download 

JustMe "Ceremonial Master" (feat. Wonder Brown) is the first single from his upcoming album release Full Disclosure. It is releasing in late May on ILLECT Recordings. The song draws upon JustMe's love of martial arts and martial arts films. Beat production is handled by German producer Jaq.

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Hexsagon - "The Golden Era" Beat Tape 

Hip hop's "golden age" also known as the "golden era" was a period varying in time frames during the 1980s and 1990s said to be characterized by its diversity, quality, innovation and influence. There were strong themes of Afrocentricity and political militancy, while the music was experimental and the sampling eclectic.....with that being said.... Hexsagon has released his latest "Beat Tape" of instrumentals hes produced from 2005-2010 inspired by Hip-Hop's golden years. Enjoy!

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Smif N Wessun Speak on 2pac's One Nation with The Urban Nomad 

The Urban Nomad catches up with Buckshot & Smif N Wessun prior to their Duck Down x Blacksmith SXSW show at La Zona Rosa.

Smif N Wessun & Buckshot go into detail about their experiences working with Tupac & Buckshot sheds light on the fact that Pac was deading his beef with Nas a week prior to his death.

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De La Soul's Plug 1 & Plug 2 - The Work (2&4 Remix)‏ 

One of four remixes from the Deluxe-Edition of De La Soul's Plug 1 & Plug 2 'First Serve' album, available now on iTunes

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Kyle Rapps - Streets Move On (Video) 

Last year, Kyle Rapps released his On Air mixtape, sampling from the legendary French electro duo Air. Now, following the video for "Universe Traveler" with Talib Kweli, and a recently released video for "Bully" from his previous Re-Edutainment EP, Rapps is excited to release the latest video from On Air, for the single "Streets Move On."

The video, directed by Mr. Complex, captures Kyle backstage at the now shuttered Southpaw in Brooklyn, mixing the footage with stark and poignantly shot images of Brooklyn and Harlem streets as Kyle makes his way around the city. For Kyle, the purpose of the song and the video was to show a side of Brooklyn that is too often forgotten. "I wanted to show how hungry shit is despite all the gentrification," explains Rapps, "And also that there's love in these streets despite the struggling."

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Sandpeople - The P 

Portland, OR: April, 12th, 2012. Sandpeople rep The P (aka Portland, Oregon) right on their 3rd new single in recent weeks, produced by fellow P-dweller, The P is a perfect example of why Portland hip hop shouldn't be taken lightly and Sandpeople hope to prove this to the rest of the world on their upcoming European tour. This will be uncharted territory for the crew and to raise support they are urging fans to visit their kickstarter page where plenty of exclusive art, music, and clothing packages are available. If they meet or exceed their goal it will assist with the European and US tour efforts. Treat yourself proper - don't sleep on SP or The P!

Sandpeople Euro/US tour kickstarter


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