Killah Priest - Psychic World Of Walter Reed "Listen To Me" New Official Video 

Killah Priest ''Listen To Me'' New Official Video, he still doing his thing, much love to our OG Killah Priest.

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UnLearn - Please Understand‏ (Download) 

Dope track from UnLearn, going hard with that Royce esque flow.
"Maybe I'm stupid or maybe I'm too intuitive trying to save the world and look cool doing it"

"Please Understand". A possible lead off track to the forthcoming EP, "The Wake Up Call", coming later this year.

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RacecaR (12:51) featuring Mister Alv' & Dj Prof&cY - Both 

"Another track of "The Trueschoolhiphopmusic Show" available in 2012
RacecaR( now 12:51) is a veteran lyricist, originally from Chicago, who is true to his culture and the roots of Hip-Hop as both a way of life and a means of more-than-honest expression. His early interest, at Hip-Hop's inception, has proven infectious, life-changing, and necessary. Dedicated to the respective arts of rhyme advancement and the development of the live show, 12:51, will stop at nothing to deliver these to the world!"

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Paradox & DJ Sean P - Mending 

Mending is the third album from Paradox, originally from Austin, Texas now in Denver, CO, and is entirely produced by DJ Sean P from Dallas.

"Mending" stays true to the basics, with multi-layered boom-bap beats and scratches galore, but brings something fresh to the table with innovative rhyme patterns and well thought-out song structures. The album is guest spot-heavy, but retains a sense of cohesiveness throughout that serves to highlight, rather than distract from, the talents of both Paradox and DJ Sean P"

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