CHIEF69 "Soul Clap" (Official Music Video) Directed By Mental ( 

soul clap~ Nelson Frc-tbb Seda, off chief69's upcoming debut album "Knowledge Of Self" an MC, Bboy and Graffiti artist; member of the FRC (Floor Royalty Crew),TBB (The Bronx Boys) & The RDACBX ( Rebel Diaz Arts Collective) HIP HOP


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billy woods - "DMCA (Blockhead Remix)"‏ 

Latest billy woods And Blockhead Planning Collaborative Album For Later This Year


It's been only a few short months since billy woods released his dense, mission-statement of an album, History Will Absolve Me, and already the Washington, DC-born, NYC-based lyricist is back in the studio working on new music. This time around, however, he's working with long-time Aesop Rock-producer Blockhead, and the two are currently deep into a collaborative album scheduled for release later this year. Today, Backwoodz Studioz is excited to release a remix for the the History Will Absolve Me standout "DMCA."

Although "DMCA" became a fast favorite from History Will Absolve Me, to hear billy woods tell it, the track almost didn't even make the album. "DMCA is one of those songs that I really loved but didn't expect to get the kind of love that it got," explains billy, noting that while he wasn't originally planning a remix for the track, it turns out that other artists, especially, have been drawn to the song. "I think I managed to sum up stuff that a lot of artists are dealing with right now."

While the original track, produced by Willie Green, is one of the more "boom-bap" tracks on the album, Blockhead's remix offers a darker take on the song, an ethereal swirl of bouncy congas, winding guitar riffs, and brooding synths. "Once Blockhead and I connected, I was bugging him about a remix," explains billy, recalling how the remix came to be. "We got sidetracked on the new music we're working on, but I'm glad we got this out there - not only is it a new take on 'DMCA' but it's also a little taste of the project that Blockhead and I have coming."

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Aesop Rock - ZZZ Top (Official Video) 

Epic new vid for Aesop Rock's new upcoming album Skelethon, out July 10th.

Pre-order Skelethon from Fifth Element:
Pre-order on iTunes:


1. Leisureforce
2. ZZZ Top
3. Cycles to Gehenna
4. Zero Dark Thirty
5. Fryerstarter
6. Ruby ’81
7. Crows 1
8. Crows 2
9. Racing Stripes
10. 1,000 O’Clock
11. Homemade Mummy
12. Grace
13. Saturn Missiles
14. Tetra
15. Gopher Guts

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