Mike Decline - Mood Soop (Instrumental Album) 

"Mood Soop is Mike Declines take on the winter season and all of the range of emotions we as human go through during these months. The record takes on the tone of a dreamy, hazy and chill environment. Like his past two releases, the album was mixed as one whole song. “I love the idea of music being presented with continuity, as opposed to a collection of individual tracks. I like the idea of people being able to sit down for 30 minutes and concentrate on the mix and then all of a sudden it’s done,” says Mike Decline. The project includes additional instrumentation and production from turntablist DJ K-Rec, artist Ashleigh Eymann and musician Leathan Milne."

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Mr. J. Medeiros "The Rockies" (Official Video) 

Mr. J. Medeiros putting it down for his home town Colorado Springs


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