Art of Rap- What is Hip Hop ft. Ice-T, Afrika Bambaataa & Grandmaster Melle Mel 

Art of Rap snippet featuring Ice-T, Afrika Bambaataa & Grandmaster Melle Mel speaking on origins of Hip Hop. Purchase DVD now:

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@sulleej85 New Video "Voice Of The People" Sullee J Download 

This is the definition of what I do. This is the epitome of who I am. This is Sullee J, and what Justice means. "Voice of The People" speaks on the various issues of society today, and was made to help enlighten the ears of the listener. The sad reality is that many people, especially children today, are without healthy living conditions. These are tough issues that society seems to ignore. At times, we might not feel like we have much, but we have enough to get by. Everybody needs help, especially the helpless! The idea behind Saint Christopher Children's Home is to assist in the provision of a building to house neglected children. These children are mainly abuse victims, neglected or abandoned children, orphans, or those placed there by court order. I told you I will better this world, whether you believe it or not. I will continue to pursue my dreams and work hard toward generating an interest in doing good whether you agree or not. I believe in living to make others smile.

Download "Voice of The People [prod. by Greezy Dub]" for free -

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Immortal Technique talks New Middle Passage, 2 New Ep's, Dj Premier @Hardknocktv 

Immortal Technique at Rock The Bells . starts with Technique talking to Nick Huff Barili about his new documentary: The ®evolution of Immortal Technique and how he wouldn't have been able to accomplish all he has if he was signed to a major label. Tech goes on to define what success means to him: not by what you have but what you had to sacrifice to get to where you are. And at the end of the day if you are not happy then you are not successful. As the interview continues Tech says that he is working on his new album The Middle Passage along with two Ep's, one of which is with an underground legend from the West Coast. He goes on to talk about how New York Hip Hop artists have kept a distance from working with other regions and how he wants to end that. There is a lot that can be learned from different regions including the South. Immortal reiterates that Middle Passage with feature production by DJ Premier along with Green Lantern, Scram jones and Ali Shaheed Muhammad! 

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June Marx-Lustful Guns (Caliber Chronicles) "Seven Trumpets Sound" Available now 

Now Available:June Marx "Seven Trumpets Sound" featuring Reef the Lost Cauze, UG of Cella Dwellas, Chief Kamachi, IDE, Life Long, Godilla, King David, DJ TMB and more now available on Itunes, AmazonMp3,Spotify, Google Play, and all outlets

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(GlobalFaction) @Melanin_9 Organized Democracy (Video) Magna Carta LP Dec.3rd 

Magna Carta LP coming 3rd December 2012 featuring Roc Marciano, Triple Darkness & Madame Pepper. Production from Jehst, Anatomy, HeyZues, 7th Dan, Parental, Ohbliv & Tony Mahoney. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Chemo at Kilamanjiro Studios, London. Pre-Order here:

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Ignite Mindz "Everybody" (Music Video) 

From the album "Lit" available at

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Murs & Fashawn - This Generation (feat. Adrian) 

Title track off Murs & Fashawn's upcoming album 'This Generation,' entirely produced by Beatnick & K-Salaam, out Sept. 25th.

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Blu & Exile - Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them (Review) 

"Give Me My Flowers While I Can Smell Them" is Blu and Exiles long awaited follow up
album to the highly acclaimed, Below the Heavens released in 2007.  Below the Heavens was called by many hip hop heads a modern day classic, so expectations were very high of the young cali emcee Blu after 2007. But Blu is still releasing and creating his music his way and independantly, sometimes releasing projects at random which hasn't always left fans happy, but as the title Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them says, Blu wants to put out his music to his fans while its still Fresh.

The album definitely sounds like a Below the Heavens part 2, it has mellow, jazzy, soulful and quirky production from Exile. Blu's lyrics follow the theme of spirituality, introspective songs and escaping to your own heaven.

Blu comes more lyrical on this album, he also fits the production well by switching up his flow, from songs like Ease Your Mind which is more melodic, to Mask Your Soul where he comes very laid back. However sometimes his delivery is too laid back.
The lack of energy on some songs such as Mask your soul, Don't Be Jelly and Money. They make it hard for the average listener not used to Blu to get into this album. This might be just the way Blu wants it to sound, but it only makes me wonder what songs sould have sounded like with someone rapping with more energy. However those were my least favourite tracks on the album, along with Money which just sounded like a sequel to Juice n Dranks Exiles production still sounds dope on every song and still saves those tracks.

Personal favourites were Ease Your Mind, the most relaxing song on the album, I really like the melody from Blu and the backup female vocalist. More Out Of Life, Mask Your Soul, Seasons and Maybe One Day were my other favourite songs, but my favourite track overall is still Growing Pains, which features Fashawn and Dag Savage, on the livest beat on the album. Fashawn brings a nice change in energy to the album.

Overall, this album will satisfy all the fans of Below the Heavens and those into jazzy hip hop. I found it took me a couple of listens to get into, but the more I listen the more I like about it. Its an album I can listen straight through, mainly because the production feels very consistent from track to track, and the fact its all done by one producer, so each song fits right. Its a great album to chilling out to.

Production: 4/5
Lyrics: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

Purchase the album Here:

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