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"minds under construction"- Bootsy Collins 2011 

This is a video made by Buckethead and Bootsy not originally intended for public release. The song featured is "Minds Under Construction" and is featured on Bootsy Collins 2011 album release, "Tha Funk Capital of the World."

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Krystal Hardwick - The Tale of Two Fish 

An aural invitation into a world of Krystal Hardwick’s creation. A world of sonic and emotional vibrations that skip and reverberate like rays from the sun. If you allow yourself to be guided, it’s inevitable you’ll fall under the spell she’s spun. Hardwick’s moody and seductive vocals lead you into a place where sadness and introspection can be as colorful and funky as joy.

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Pharoahe Monch & Buckshot "Jon Cryer Will F*ck You Up"‏ 

Buckshot & Pharoahe Monch were enlisted to perform a comedy skit/performance with Jon Cryer, of Two and a Half Men, for the first ever "Comedy Awards." Jon Cryer is poking fun at the spare time he's had since Charlie Sheen's injection of tiger blood & the hit show going off air. With his newfound freedom, John Cryer collaborated with Buckshot & Pharoahe Monch to record the song "Jon Cryer Will Fuck You Up."
Fans can tune in to watch "The Comedy Awards" on Sunday, April 10th at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. This is the first-ever multi-network, multi-platform, annual event dedicated to honoring and celebrating the world of comedy & will air on Comedy Central & MTV Networks including Spike TV, VH1, CMT, 
TV Land and Logo.

The awards are hosted by Bruce Willis & Tracy Morgan & feature celebrities like Will Ferrell, David Letterman, Tina Fey, Eddie Murphy, Bill Murray & more.

See an exclusive behind-the-scenes look of Buckshot & Pharoahe Monch's experience at "The Comedy Awards."

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Kori Linae Carothers - A Roses Tale 

Kori Linae Carothers From the time she heard the "Beatles” as a child, she knew she wanted to create music. Kori’s parents thought it wise to have her take piano lessons. Her favorite musicians were a mix of Jazz, Rock and Classical sounds

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Srikala - Srikalogy Vol. 1 : Freedom is the Basis 

"This album is a full of nectar. Reveals my journey working with different artists.. developing my own style and techniques.. and collaborating with other styles and techniques. Expressing love through music. All production was done at my home studio. Some tracks last year.. some tracks within the last 2 weeks.. Enjoy.. be uplifted.. empowered.. inspired" Srikala

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Fight Night Champion Soundtrack 

The Track List for Fight Night Champion in stores March.

The soundtrack features mostly hip hop music with a new Orchestral Remix of The Roots song The Fire used as the main theme. The soundtrack also features 5 songs from Self Scientific and Aftermath producer DJ Khalil & Chin, check out the interview from DJ Khalil as well as more details on the sound track here.

You can also hear a snippet of The Roots - The Fire Orchestral Mix in this new Montage video of the game

Track Listing:

Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar
Atmosphere - The Loser Wins
Black Milk - Round of Applause
Chiddy Bang - Old Ways
El-P - Meanstreak
Lyrics Born - I'm The Best
Murs & 9th Wonder - The Problem Is
N.E.R.D. - I Wanna Jam
Shad - Keep Shining
The Black Keys - Sinister Kid
The Roots - The Fire (Orchestral Mix)
The Roots - How I Got Over
The Roots - The Fire
Tinnie Tempah - Intro
Mustafa Akbar - Make Your Move
DJ Khalil & Chin - China
DJ Khalil & Chin - Live 4 Tomorrow
DJ Khalil & Chin - Organ Man
DJ Khalil & Chin - Running Through
DJ Khalil & Chin - Red
Konrad Old Money - Quixotic
Konrad Old Money -Sesquapedalian
Konrad Old Money - StentorianAloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar

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Fiora & Robot Koch - Dreams of You "Away From" 

Dreams of You is built upon the track "Away From" from Robot Koch's "Death Star Droid" album. It is a musical dreamscape. Multidimensional sounds, vox, dreamy lyrics and orchestra.

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