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Kayohes- The Lost Demo Beat Tape 

"If you have been following Kayohes you have heard him on joints like "inspiration", "Stress City", and "Stranger" which was introduced to the hip hop world a few weeks back! Not only is he a very witty and creative emcee on the mic, he also makes up 1/5th of what we all now know of as 83 Sound!

Once again Bridging The Gap Music brings you another beat tape to add to your collection. This beat tape is a mixture of raw, golden era, boom bap, flavor with an 83 Sound signature. Feel the other side of Kayohes as he leaves his mark in the culture we have all grown to love. HIP HOP!!!

Added by: EmSeeD, 29/Apr/12 | Comments: 0

Sweatson Klank (formerly known as Take) "Elevate Me" EP 12"/Digital‏ 

Added by: EmSeeD, 22/Apr/12 | Comments: 0

Raj Mahal - jaR 

Trippy Beat Tape from Raj Mahal, check this out and Download it Free here:


Added by: EmSeeD, 25/Feb/12 | Comments: 0

Jazzaddict Beat Tape - DJ Hernan Cortez, DonShacks, Abstract Optim 

DJ Hernán Cortéz is a 22 year old producer based in the tinyisland of St.lucia, he is commonly known for having a Souful/Jazzyhip hop sound

DJ Hernán Cortéz ( DJ HC )

Don Shacks (DS)

Abstract Optim

Added by: EmSeeD, 19/Feb/12 | Comments: 0

Unite C - The vicious cycle (beat tape V​.​1) 21 TRACKS AVAILABLE NOW 

Added by: Chinita, 23/Jan/12 | Comments: 0

"MNEMONIC" BEATS 2012 INSTRUMENTALS V2 Available now! 31 tracks on itunes and Cd Baby 

After rocking the Beat Swap Meet and playing live beats on tour, Mnemonic is back with yet another Instrumental album, available now on itunes and Cd Baby

Added by: Chinita, 18/Jan/12 | Comments: 0

Gg New Beat Tape by Qlas Beats (19 tracks) 

Added by: RealHipHopForever, 28/Sep/11 | Comments: 0

Zambo beatz - the reLEASE 

Added by: RealHipHopForever, 27/Sep/11 | Comments: 0

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